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Question Answer
Primary mineral component of bonecalcium
Responds to ionized serum calciumparathyroid hormone
Efficiency of calcium absorption varies inversely with its intakevitamin D
85 to 95% is resort in renal tubulesphosphorus
A decrease in absorption is a diagnostic tool for hyperparathyroidismphosphorus
Hormones that increase phosphorus excretionestrogen and parathyroid hormone
Required for synthesis of calcium binding protein in small intestine mucosavitamin D
Synthesized in thyroidcalcitonin
Medical importance is in paget's disease, treating severe hypercalcemia, tumor markercalcitonin
Inhibits the effect of parathyroid hormonecalcitonin
Decreases serum calcium by inhibiting calcium absorptionCalcitonin
Decreases serum calcium by inhibiting osteoclastic activitycalcitonin
Decreases serum calcium by inhibiting phosphate reabsorption and kidneycalcitonin
Decreases serum calcium by increasing calcium and magnesium secretionCalcitonin
Thyroid condition which increases calcium release from bonehyperthyroidism
Thyroid condition which decreases bone remodelinghypothyroidism
Increase bone resorption and decreased bone formationadrenal corticoid steroids