Racquetball Test 3

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Section 1

Question Answer
Any ball passing through the legs of the person who hit it last is an automatic screen balltrue
A serve hitting the front wall and two side walls is considered an illegal serve and results in a side outtrue
during a volley the ball bounces off the front wall and hits you, if your opponent served, he should call a hinder and point played overFalse
A receiver must stand at least five feet from the short line and may not move up until teh serve passes the short lineTrue
a serve hitting the short line and not returned is considered an ace or a point for the serverFalse
A game is 21 points and must be won by at least 2 pointsFalse
Good game strategy is to serve to your opponents forehandFalse
While playing doubles you hit your partner with the ball while it was travelling toward the wall. A hinder should be calledFalse

Section 2

Question Answer
In doubles, the team that serves 1st is allowed one server and the service order must remain the same throughout the gameTrue
You must never switch hands with the racquet during playTrue
A ball hits so low to the front wall that it's practically unplayable is called a _kill shot
A game involving three players with each playing the other two is called _cutthroat
A match is won when a player wins _2 of 3 games
Illegal position of the server's feet duing a serve is called a _foot fault
Area between service line and short line is called _service area

Section 3

Question Answer
Interference with your opponents vision in attempting to play the ball is a _ and is considered a hinder ballscreen
It is to your advantage to allow the ball to drop as low as possible when attempting a _kill shot
The loss of serve results in a _side out
A serve hitting the front wall, side wall, floor, then another side wall is call a _Z serve
A serve hitting the front wall, side wall, then back wall is called _ or _long..3 walled
List 4 ways to lose the serve on your 1st attempt1-hit yourself..2-miss the ball..3-hit the floor first..4-hit crotch of front and side walls..5-hit side wall first..6-hit ceiling
Name four shots used in a volley1-Z shot..2-around the wall..3-pass shot..4-pinch shot..5-kill shot..6-ceiling shot
List the legal servesdrive serve..Z serve..lob serve..lob Z