RA OA and stuffs

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Question Answer Column 3
methotrexaterheumatrex, rasuvo SQ qw 5s (yellow to brown), otrexup SQ qw 3s (pale yellow)GI somatitis n/v/d, inc LFTs, alopecia, preg X
hydroxychloroquineplaquenil BID-QDbest tolerable, least potent, GI upset, retinopathy
sulfasalazineazulfidine QD-BIDGI N/V/D, inc LFTs, rash, alopecia
leflunomidearava QDinc LFTs, immunosuppresion, preg X
tofacitinibxeljanz BIDjanus kinase inhibitor, TB risk, URI, nasopharyngitis, diverticulitis, renal&hepatic

Biologics - TNFi

Question Answer Column 3
etanerceptenbrelSQ qw w/wo MTX, 2 options, white or clear
adalimumabhumiraSQ qw without MTX, every other week with MTX, 2 options, clear
certolizumabcimziaSQ w/wo MTX initial 400 at 0,2,4w, q2-4w only syringe, clear or pale yellow
golimumabsimponiSQ q1m with MTX, 2 options
infliximabremicadeIV initial at w2 & w6, maint q8w with MTX (weight base)

biologics non-TNFi

Question Answer Column 3
abataceptorenciaIV at 0,2,4w and q1m, OR IV initial, after 24h SQ and SQ qw (pre-filled syringe or vial, body weight)
rituximabrituxanIV at day 1&15, repeated q16-24w with MTX [PML]
tocilizumabactemraIV q4w (DO NOT LFT>1.5UNL, ANC<2000, Plt<100K) - weight based
anakinrakineretSQ qd, syringe only (renal elimination CrCl <30 SQ qod), pregB