Quiz 3 Section 2

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Question Answer
"Ant"abusecrawls into puddle of alcohol s/e=n/v/HA/Sweats/Resp Difficulty
Tegretol "Tiger"=>Taper prevent seizures=>Tiger gets Dizzy/Drowsy/Ck Levels/
Campral (Calcium)=>Can't Camp with Alcoholics=>Relapse Prevention
Librium=>Liberty for Seizure ThresholdLiberate from alcohol; Reduces Tremors=>Sedates after celebration
Pheno"Bar"bital=>Go To "BAR" "Check" Please"Withdraws" from BAR; Gets Sedated
"Sero"quel=>Sero woke up in BED=>Her BP dropped?Her mouth is Dry?? What did you do Sero?Needs to Detox/Reduce Craving
Valium=>ValueSedates/Helps Value getting thru Witdrawal
Vivtral=>on a plane 2 Viva LV=>Crave Less b/c=>Some stabbed me w/needle; HA/Sedation; Nausea gone after 1 (M)in
ChantixTake a chance on Suicidal; Strange Dreams??
Catapres =>Caterpillar=>Gooseflesh; S/S of Opiod Withdrawal Hay Fever Like
(LAAM)Can't have baby LAMB; Liver; Induction takes Longer
Methadone=>Pregnant women go into Methadoneclinic on 125th; Induction Required; Sedation
Zimulti=>Nicotine/ObesityMaitenance Multi irritations/suicidal/anxieties/irirtable
Naltrexone (Revia)Withdrawal/Oral & on Alcohol
Suboxone has NaloxoneSublinqual-Naloxone only activates if you try to abuse it
Buprenex Injectable version of subutex
No No Naltrexone hydrochlorideI gamble, take opiates, detox & wake up with blurry vision, N/V
Beware BupropionComes in all froms...needs food...makes you anxious, sleepy & agiitated!

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