Quiz 3 Rationales

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Question Answer
Ongoing use laxativemetamucil
PUD r/t H. PyloriAmoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Omeprazole
Pt w/ PUD Tx effect of RantidineRantdine decreases gastric acid secretion
Trauma Pt Rx FamotidineInhibit stress ulcers
Eval effect of Maalox NG?periodically aspirate/test gastric PH
PCP Rx Carafate & anatacidsantacids afer meals & suclralfate 30 mins b4 meals
S/E hallucinations. Discuss Metoclopramide (Reglan)
Info Response r/t MetamucilLarge amounts of fluid should be taken to prevent impaction/bowel obstruction
Short Bowel Syndrome Pt Nurse QuestionsSenna (Senekot) 1 tablet every day
Puropose of rantidine(Zantac) r/t pt bleeding esophogeal varicesprevent irritaiton of enlarged veins
Labs monitor effect of Caltrate r/t Pt w/ Kidney Disease Phosphate level
Kayexalate b4 nurse admin RxAsses bowel sounds
Older pt Rx Nexium, pt teachingIncrease intake of calcium and Vitamin D
Pt w/ Maalox report PCP"Report dirarrhea to your provider."
Carafate mechanism of actionMucosal barrier fortifer
Pt w/ Rx Lactulose rejects r/t Diarrhea"Diarrhea is expected; thats how your body gets rid of ammonia."
Admin Enzymes afterHH2
His Histamine is not working asGood as it used to
Tacky tagament made his boobs grow; Now he's drug up; just cant interact though
Zofran has her acting like she is in a zoo w/ Steven Johnson.
Rachet w/ Reglan, RestlessRigid