Quiz #2

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Question Answer
What are hepatic cells capable of doing it damaged? Capable of regeneration if damaged
When do clincal signs of liver disease usually appear? When progressed and also 75% to 80%
Names of liver testsALT,AST,glutamate dydrogenase, SD
What problems may result in elevated protein values? Decreased? Increased: Dehydration Decreased: Overhydration
Where are most serum proteins produced? Hepatocytes
What is Fibrinogen and why is it important? Involved in blood clotting and too low would mean trouble
What globulins are produced by the liver? Plasma and serum
Is fibrinogen present in serum? No, not present
Animals with liver disease and increased bilirubin levels may look what? Yellow
What is the functional unit of the kidney called? Nephrun
If creatinine levels are increased because of decreased kidney function, what percentage of nephrons are nonfunctional? 75%
Name one important substance the pancreas produces Insulin and glucagon
What do elevated amylase values indicate? Increased: Pancreatins Decreased: Not important
How is calcium distributed in an animal's body? Bones
What types of animals are most likely to be affected by hypomagnesemia? Sheep and cattle

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