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Question Answer
Acquiesceagree, consent, accept
Altercationquarrel, bitter argument, angry dispute
Anathemaa thing accused, despised, detested
Bestialbrutal, vile, cruel, violent
Cavilfind, fault, quibble, carp
Clairvoyantdiscerning, perceptive, beyond the ordinary
Compunctionpity, remorse, scruple
Copiousabundant, plentiful, ample
Covertsecret, hidden, surreptitious
Demuremodest, sedate, decorous
Dormantsleeping, inactive, quiescent
Efficacycapacity to accomplish some desired end, effectiveness
Emulousimitative, desirous of rivaling
EnsconceSecurely settled, firmly established
Entreatya petition, earnest request
Equivocatelies cunningly, speaks ambiguously with the intention of misleading
Factitiousmade-up, not genuine, artificial
Flagitiousopenly wicked, flagrant, shameless
Forensicargumentative, debating, full of disputations
Fulsomeexaggerated, excessive, gross
Homogeneoussimilar, alike, uniform
Impecuniouspoor, penniless, unprosperous
Inadvertentunintentional, careless, heedless
Indigentpoverty-stricken, needy, destitute
Iniquitousevil, wicked, sinful
Inveteratedeep seated, long established, habituated)
Languiddrooping, dull, limp
Machinationplots, schemes, wiles
Mollifysoothe, appease, pacify
Neophytenewcomer, beginner, novice
Noisomeoffensive, foul, noxious
Obtuseslow, stupid, imperceptive
Opprobriousshameful, disgraceful, infamous
Parodyhumorous imitation, caricature, travesty
Perusereading with care, studying, scrutinizing
Pithyconcise, terse, yet full of meaning
Preponderatestrongest, most important, predominate
Quandaryan uncertainty, puzzlement, dilemma
Recantrenounced their former beliefs
Redolentsweetly smelling of, fragrant with, associated in our minds with
Ribaldcoarse, vulgar, offensive
Sapientwise, sage, sagacious
Sinuouswinding, meandering, serpentine
Sophistryfalse argument, appealing but fallacious reasoning
Spleneticbitter, complaining, irritable
Succoraid, relief, assistance
Truncateshortens, chops off, abridges
Upbraidscold, reproach, chide
Vicissitudechanges, variations, alterations
Vociferousloud, emphatic, clamorous

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