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signs of mental illnessabnoraml behavior, impaired thinking, disordered emotions, impaired functioning
moral treatment erabenefit from regular daily routine
mental health parityreimburse mental illness the same amt of physical
way of looking at something theory
refuse to believe something that causes anxietydenial
take something out on someone elseprojection
make excuses; didnt do his paper becauserationalization
conflict turned into physical symptomconversion
bring flowers after a mess upundoing
overestimating someones valueidealization
adopting habits of another personIdentification
child wants to cut up things to see how they work later becomes surgeousublimation
realistic goal but then substitutessubstitution
blind women from birth learns to travel without canecompensation
sometimes the ego tries to control anxiety consciouslysuppression

Section 2

Question Answer
series of stagesdevelopmental theory
behavioral theorieslearned behavior; pavlov
cognitive behavior theorythinking and behavior are the same
client cenetered therapycreates own path; open questions; paraphrase, etc
neuroscience theoriesbrain chemistry; medication/surgery
psychiatric rehaboccupational science; mental rehab
graduatlly getting someoen to udnerstand and be aware of behaviormental rehab

Section 3

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why dont people want to talk about wellnessnot reimbursable
psychological signs vomit; dizziness; acne; sweaty hands; irregular heartbeat; nausea
cognitive signsforgetful; paranoia; confusion; anger outbursts
behavioral signsrestlessness; nail biting; lethargic
sequencerecognize symptoms, idnetify stimulus, review perceptions, make interperations, define/plan coping, action, evaluate outcome, upgrade your coping skills