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operating systema software product that manages all the operations that occur in a computer from the time you start your computer unitl you shut it down.
Actions & PropertiesObjects have these two things
command-line interfaceWhat type of user interface requires you to interact with the operating system by entering and executing commands at a command prompt?
multitaskingWhat Win7 feature enables you to open more than one program and folder windows at the same time?
extensionA file's ___________ is important to Windows because it identifies the type of file and the application you use to to open the file.
file systemYour computer's ________ consists of the operating system components and data structures that the operating system uses to keep track of all disks, drive, folders, files, and data on yur computer.
device driversWhat type of software does the operating system load to provide support for hardware devices and to enable the operating system to communicate with and manage those devices?
DefaultWindows uses ________________, or predefined settings to simplify your use of a computer.
Jump ListsWhat new Win7 feature displays a menu of recently or frequently opened objects when you right-click a taskbar button or point to an application on the start menu?
Live Taskbar ThumbnailsWhat Windows Aero feature does Win7 display when you point to a tasbar button for one or more windows open in the same application?
single-click activationIn Win7, what feature can you enable so that you can browse you local computer in the same way you browse the web?
Drive namethe operating system assigns a unique _____ to each drive in a computer.
Navigation pane and Address Barwhat two options in a folder windows can you use to navigate around your computer?
Windows Experience InWhat is the name of the rating that Win7 uses to measure the overall capability and performance of your computer hardware?
SleepWhat Win7 state save your computer's settings in memory, turns off the monitor and hard disk, and then reduces power usage to a level where the computer appears off?
Hybrid SleepIn _________ Win7 save your computer's settings in memory and in a bierantion file on disk, turns off your monitor and hard disk, and reduces your computers power usage.
pixelWhat is the smallest unit on a monitor for displaying a specific color?
themeA _________ consists of a set of elements, such as a desktop background, window color, screensaver, and sound scheme, that provide a unified look for your desktop and user interface.
Theme Pack fileIn win7, you can save a custom theme as a ______________________
ClearTypeWhat is the name of the MS technology for improving the appearance and readability of text on flat panel displays?
subpixelWin7 can control the color of each _______________ on LCD or flat panel monitors so characters appear more even and sharper.


Question Answer
Desktop composition______________________ is the Win7 window-management technology for updating your view of the desktop and open windows and for supporting the use of Windows Aero.
opens, menuYou can customize certain start menu options, such as those for Control panel, so the start menu option either __________ a window, or display a ___________.
taskbar groupingWin7 uses __________ to combine taskbar buttons for similar types of windows into one button.
Resolutionrefers to the sharpness of the image on a monitor.
32Windows Aero requires a color depth setting of _____ bits.
refresh rateWhat settings identifies the number of times per second that the image on the screen is redrawn by the video card?
sleep, hibernation, hybridThree type of sleep states Win7 supports.
Windows, Program FilesThe majority of the Win7 operating system files are installed in the _____ folder, while application software, utilities and games are typicall installed in the ____ folder.
libraryA ______ is a virtual folder that consolidates files stored in two or more folders so you an work with all the files as a single group.
registeredA ____ file is a file that is associated with an application or program on your computer.
backslashWhat symbol does windows use to denote the top-level folder on a disk?
stackA ____ is a virtual folder that contains a group of related fies based on a property you specify.
tagA _______ is a word or phrase that you assig as a property to a folder or file for the purpose of organizing and locating folders and files.
stringA ____ is nothing other than a set of characters or character treated exactly as you type.
BoldfaceHow can you identify the defualt option on a shortcut menu?
AndWhich boolean operator can you use to specify that two conditions must be true to select a folder or file during a search.
OrWhich boolean operator can you use to specify that one of two conditions must be true to select a folder or file during a search?
search filterA ______ includes a file property along with an item of data selected from a menu to simplify the process of constructing search criteria.
.lnk (link), pointerWhat is the file extension of the desktop shortcut, and what does that fie extension imply about the shortcut?
dynamic link libraryWhat types of files are associated with the .exe, .dll, and .ico file extensions?
enviroment variableA _____ is a name assigned to a Windows 7 system setting.
UNCwhat type of path do network shortcuts use?
Recent PlacesWhat windows folder contains shortcuts for the items listed under favorites in the navigation pane?
.lnk, urlThe file extension for a desktop shortcut is ___________, and the file extension for an Internet shortcut is ________
favoritesInternet explorer stores internet shorcuts in your _________ folder.
.infWhat file extension does Windows use for setup information files?