Questions On Cicero

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Early Life

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When was Cicero born?106 B.C.
Who educated Cicero in oratory?Lucius Licinius Crassus
Who educated Cicero in law?Quintus Mucius Scaevola
When was Cicero's first case? (Pro P. Quinctio)81 B.C.
During what year was Sulla's dictatorship?81 B.C.
What year did Sulla abdicate his dictatorship?80 B.C.
In what year did Cicero defend Sextus Roscius?80 B.C.
During what years did Cicero study rhetoric?79 - 77 B.C.
Where did Cicero study rhetoric?Athens and Rhodes
When does Cicero marry Terentia?79 BC
When is Cicero's daughter born?78 BC
What is Cicero's daughter's name?Tullia
Where was Cicero born?Arpinum

Cicero's Early Political Career

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When was the third Mithridatic war?74 - 63 B.C.
When was the first joint consulship of Pompey and Crassus?70 B.C.
When does Cicero beat Verres in court?70 B.C.
Who does Cicero also defeat in the trial?Hortensius
When is Cicero aedile?69 B.C.
What law gives Pompey extraordinary powers against pirates in the East?lex Gabinia
What law gives Pompey command against Mithridates?lex Manilia
When is Cicero's son born?65 B.C.
What is Cicero's son's name?Marcus

Cicero's Later Political Career

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In what year does Cicero serve his consulship?63 B.C.
To what 'religious' office is Ceasar elected in 63 B.C.?pontifex maximus
What act is passed for Cicero to quash the Catilinarian conspiracy?senatus consultum ultimum (SCU)
Who is ther main suspect in the Bona Dea scandal?Clodius
Who bribes the jury to secure Clodius' acquital?Crassus
What is Cicero's aim for Roman society?concordia ordinum
When is the first triumvirate formed?60 B.C.
Whop is the first triumvirate between?Pompey, Ceasar and Crassus
Who instigates the first triumvirate?Caesar
What law that ceasar passes illegally gives Pompey's veterans land?lex Campania
Who does Pompey marry in 59?Julia (Ceasar's daughter)
To what status is Clodius adopted into?Plebeian
Why did Clodius want to be adopted into the plebeian class?Most likely to pursue Cicero
What did Clodius' legislation against Cicero state?Banish any magistrate who has put to death any Roman citizen without trial