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bu bir Kalem Mi?this is a pencil?
Evet, o bir Kalemyes, its a pencil
Bu bir cicek degil (silent G) mi ?this is not a flower? (is this a flower)
Hayir, o bir cicek degilNo, its not a flower
Bu bir gomlek mi ?this a shirt? (is this a shirt)
Hayir o bir gomlek degilNo, its not a shirt
Bu defter ne renk mi ?this notebook what colour? (what colour is this NB)
O defer mavithat notebook blue (that notebook is blue)
O masa ne renk mi ?that table what colour? (what colours that table)
Bu masa sari mi ?this table yellow?
Bu ayakkabi ne rank Mi ?this shoe what colour? ( these shoes what colour)
O ayakkabi siyahthat shoe is Black
Bu kapi ne renk mi ?this door what colour?
O kapi grithat door gri
Bu kravat kirmizi mi ?this necktie red? (is this tie red)
Hayir, O kravat kirmizi degil yesilno, that necktie is not red its green
Bu Sabun mavi mi ?this soap blue?
Hayir,o sabun mavi degil, beyazthat soap is not blue its white
Hangi kalem kirmizi mi ?which pencil is red?
uzun kalem kirmizithe long penil is red
hangi fincan buyuk mi ?which cup is big?
Beyaz fican buyukthe white cup is big
Hangi kutu yesil mi?which box is green
Kucuk kuto yesilthe small box is green
Hangi cicek kirmizi Mi ?which flower is red ?

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