Quantity and Units(SI)

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Question Answer
Length Metre
Time Second
Mass Kilogram
Area Square metre
Volume Cubic metre
Velocity Metre / second
Acceleration Metre / Second Square
Density Kilogram / Metre Cube
Momentum Kilogram Metre / Second
Work Joule
Energy Joule
Force Newton
Pressure Pascal or Newton / Square Metre
Frequency Hertz
Power Watt
Weight Newton or Kilogram
Impulse Newton - Second
Angular velocity Radian / Second
Viscosity Poise
Surface tension Newton / Square Metre
Heat Joule
Temperature Kelvin
Absolute temperature Kelvin
Resistance Ohm
Electric current Ampere
Electromotive force Volt
Electrical conductivity Ohm / Metre
Electric Energy Kilo Watt hour
Electric Power Kilo Watt or Watt
Magnetic Intensity Orsted
Charge Coulomb
Magnetic induction Gauss
Luminous flux Candela
Intensity of Sound Decibel
Power of lens Dioptre
Depth of Sea Fathom