QT 5 Review

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Increased metabolic rate s/s such as anxiety with extreme nervousnesshyperthyroidism
Technique to allow for easier aspiration of gastric fluid form NG tubeFlush with 30ml of air before aspirating fluid
Pt. position for paracentesis sitting upright on side of bed or semi fowlers. Pt. does NOT need to NPO; EMPTY BLADDER beforehand to avoid puncturing it.
Complication of paracentesishypovolemic shock
atorvastatin is CI with what drug? rf?colchine; rhabdomyolysis
H2 antagonists avoid famotidine, ranitidine, cemetidine. Avoid antacids within 1 hour of administration
If resistance is met with triple lumen catheterreport to hcp; streptokinase may be used to dissolve clot; if unsuccessful, lumen is labeled as clotted off.
Meningitis prognosisif treated early, good; may have some complications and long-term effects (seizure disorders, hydrocephalus, impaired intelligence, visual and hearing deficits)
Detached retina symptomsphotophobia (bright flashes of light and client stating that portion of visual field is dark are classic sx), loss of a portion of the visual field
Ocular infections symptoms increased lacrimation, blurred vision
Loss of peripheral visionglaucoma
Loss of acuity of visioncataracts
mononucleosis fatigue, sore throat and flu-like sx for 2 weeks; enlarged lymph nodes and ↑temp.
mononucleosis pt. teachingdon't share drinking glass or silverware with anybody
Mononucleosis incubation period4-6 weeks; treatment is good rest and nutrition; avoid strenuous exercise to prevent spleen rupture
appropriate activities of a 2 year old parallel play; builds 6-7 block towers; retrieves objects when asked to do so
3-4 year old activitiesputs toys away alone, names colors, uses 4-5 sentence words
position for liver biopsysupine with arms raised above head
chlorpromazine low potency antipsychotic/phenothiazine
Adverse effects chlorpromazine high sedative effect; anticholinergic reaction; increased sensitivity to heat/sun
Which electrolyte imbalance increases risk of dig toxicity?low K
Most common cause of mitral valve problems History of rheumatic fever with a subsequent complication of carditis which affects mitral valve

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Addison's disease pt. has pneumonia, why should sodium be increased during periods of stress?with decrease in aldosterone, there is an increased excretion of sodium
Earliest sign of heart failureventricular gallop s3
Spina bifida corrective surgery outcomeswill not change physical disability as spinal nerves that are destroyed cannot be correct; nothing can return function to portions of the body that are innervated by the spinal nerves below the site of the myelominingocele
isonizaidhepatotoxic; watch for s/s of hepatitis such as fatigue and dark urine, LFTs
breathing needed for transition phase of laborpanting; short, shallow respirations
Late decels of FHR; what actions does the nurse take?d/c oxytocin infusion; turns client to left side; apples O2 mask 8l/minute; increases primary IV infusion flow rate
talipes equinovarusinversion/adduction of forepart of foot; can be corrected with casts/splints for younger children, surgery is usu require for older child
Initial priority for all psychiatric clients to ensure their safety and the safety of all members of the milieu
Convenient method for administering medications to infantplace medication in empty nipple and allow infant to suck
Type of mattress for R.A. patientsfirm to keep joints in alignment
Patient teaching cardiac catheterizationburning sensation when dye is injected; on bedrest 8-12 hours after procedure dressing applied over catheter insertion site; NPO after midnight;
correct sequence when removing PPE after leaving client's room with an URIdroplet precautions = mask so wash hands, remove mask and throw in trash container inside the room to prevent microbes from transferring from hands to face
Intake is the difference between inflow and outflow
correct position to stand with a client sprained right ankle walking with a canestand on client's left side and slightly behind them
Interventions to help uterus contractfundal massage; have infant nurse so oxytocin gets produced which will contract the uterus; assess the bladder for fullness as a full bladder will cause the uterus to relax and needs to be emptied
Recommended diet pre op of a parathyroidectomylow calcium; high phosphorus
doxepin HCLantidepressant; signs of OD include excitability and tremors
symptom if client is in early stages of circulatory overloadchange in character of respirations
Rh negative client who conceived with Rh positive partnerwill have Rh incompatibility problem