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client at 32 weeks gestation, positive urine test for glucose and acetone indicates?gestational diabetes, hazard of placental insufficiency
When is vaginal discharge abnormal?If it is bloody, foul-smelling, or abnormally colored. It is common to have vaginal discharge near term d/t increase in vascularity of vagina & perineum
Difference between facial nerve (VII) and trigeminal nerve (V)?facial provides MOTOR activity to facial muscles whereas trigeminal provides SENSATION to facial muscles
One of the first signs of increased ICP in infants?high-pitched cry
posterior fontanels should be closed by which month?3rd
Positive Babinski reflex is normal for how long?1st year of life
Which hand should client hold cane in if they have a sprained right ankle?left hand. Cane should be held on strong side, widens base of support & reduces stress on affected side
How should cane be advanced if right ankle is sprained?Advance cane in left hand, then advance weak side, then strong side
How much should a client flex their elbows when using a cane?No more than 30 degrees
HH factors that are reasons for a client to receive flu vaccine?elderly >65, exposure to public, exposure to children, ppl with chronic respiratory or CVD
Esophageal speech swallows air, then eructates (burps) it while forming words with the mouth
Most important priority in nursing mgmt of assaultive client maintain milieu safety by restoring client's self control: quick assessment of situation, psychological intervention, chemical intervention, possibly physical control
Symptom that suggests strabismus in child?"Cross-eyed," child closes one eye to see a poster on the wall. Visual axes are not parallel so the brain receives two images
Symptom suggestive of cataracts or problem with peripheral visionunable to see objects in periphery of visual field
Intermittent self-catheterizations at home instructionscan store catheter in plastic food-storage bag; ok to use clean NOT sterile technique for clients with lower motor neuron disorder resulting in flaccid bladder, such as MS
Cytomegalovirus positive titer precautionstandard, but wear eyewear for emptying urinary drainage bag or a risk of splash or splatter
HIGHEST priority for client with sickle cell crisis?providing adequate hydration
ketoconazole medication of choice for treatment of?candidiasis
metronidazole is what type of drug and used for treatment in?anti-infective; intestinal amebiasis, trichomoniasis, IBD
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole is used in tx for what?PCP; sx include dyspnea, tachypnea, persistent dry cough, fever fatigue
Initial symptoms of client with subdural hematoma and cerebral edema?decreasing LOC; ipsilateral pupil dilation (on affected side); headache (1st symptom)
Late signs of increased ICP/brainstem damagetonic clonic seizures/decerebrate positioning
How to collect specimen for pinworms?early in morning with piece of Scotch taped touched to child's anus (they crawl out of the anus at this time to lay their eggs)
The need for restraints is based on the client's behavioral status and condition, not on?the client's voluntary/involuntary status
Priority nursing diagnosis for cardiogenic shock client post MICardiac tissue death: you can't fix cardiac output without fixing cardiac muscle
gemfibrozil is what kind of medication? when should it be administered?lipid lowering agent used with clients with high serum triglyceride levels; administer 30 minutes before breakfast and supper
Most beneficial way to decrease client's pain for acute gout attack?encourage partial weight bearing while ambulating
Client diagnosed with MS at 39 weeks; nurse will anticipate what intervention?a reduction in the amount of pain meds due to decrease in pain perception from MS
Lab value that is the best indicator of long-term nutritional status??albumin
Symptoms of hyponatremiaheadache, apprehension, lethargy, muscle twitching, convulsions, diarrhea, fingerprinting of skin
Child tries to grasp toy just out of reachusually doesn't occur until about 6 months of age
Placenta previa is characterized bypainless vaginal bleeding
Primary concern with administration of parenteral antipsychotic medspostural hypotension; prevent injury from a fall
Systemic Lupus patient can get pregnant when?Should be in remission for at least 5 months prior to conceiving
Patient teaching for client with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis?check weight at same time daily to assess fluid volume status, guidelines for weight gain/loss set by PCP
uneven gluteal folds and thigh creases in infant could indicate?developmental dysplasia of hip; also a shortening of limb length and limited abduction
Best results for ranitidine hyrdrochloride (H2 receptor blockers)take once daily, perhaps at hour of sleep. NOT affected by food

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Correct instructions for coughing/deep breathing for client following appendectomytake 3 deep breaths, hold incision, then cough
Right sided heart failure symptomsperipheral edema and anorexia; polycythemia; distended neck veins
Precautions for 18month hold diagnosed with hep Acontact is required for pts with diapers or incontinence
adverse effect of terbutalinematernal tachycardia, also nervousness, tremors, h/a, possible pulmonary edema, fetal adverse effects include tachy, hypoglycemia
Dawn phenomena treatmentadjust evening diet, bedtime snack, insulin dose and exercise to prevent early morning hyperglycemia
Guidelines to prevent dumping syndrome postgastrectomylying down for 30 min after meals, fluids BETWEEN meals, reduce intake of carbs
How long should other meds be given if a client takes sucralfate?2 hours. It forms a barrier on the GI mucosa and would decrease absorption of other meds; best results if it is taken on empty stomach
nonstress test for pregnant mothernoninvasive test to evaluate response of FHR to stress of fetal movement: tell mom to press button when she feels fetus move
Biperidenantiparkinsonian agent used to counteract EPS effects
Priority Nursing Dx with abruptio placentaFluid volume deficit
How long do transplant clients require protective isolation following surgery?72 hours, restrictions on visitors
Aspirin during pregnancycan cause fetal hemorrhage, do not use during pregancy
Interesting adverse effect of haloperidolgalactorrhea (excessive or spontaneous flow of milk), lactation, gynemastia (growth of male mammary glands)

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Oculomotor IIIprovides innervation for extraocular movement
XI spinal accessoryinnervation to traps and sternocleidomastoid muscles
electric larynx placing a battery-powered device against side of neck to talk
Why should you remove dressing layers one at a time on a large abdominal dressing with a Penrose drain?to avoid dislodging the drain
Procainamide is given for what dysrhythmias?PVCs or atrial tachycardia
AE of procainamide?severe hypotension & bradycardia
Dissociate disorders characterized bysudden or gradual disruption in the integrative functions of identity, memory or consciousness; usually associated with a traumatic event
Somatoform disorder client concerned with physical/emotional health, accompanied by various bodily symptoms for which there is NO physical basis
Infilatrationswelling at IV insertion site
Phlebitisinflammation and reddened areas around site and up length of vein
substance abuse of which drug class results in lack of coordination? S/S of w/d?barbituate abusers; n/v tachy, coarse tremors, seizures
Normal AST/ALT 1-36 for AST and 1-45 ALT
Normal BUN10-20
adverse effects of fluoxetine (energizing antidepressant)hand tremors and leg twitching, hyper vigilant and scans environment
amphetamine w/d symptomsdepression, disturbed sleep, restlessness, disorientation
cocaine w/dsevere cravings, depression, fatigue, hypersomnia
zidovudine is used for treatment of HIV
Diet encouraged for a patient with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis?high-protein d.t loss from CAPD
School age children at what stage of erikson'sself-esteem through integrity; given them responsibilities to develop feelings of competence
Medication of choice for frequent PVCs occurring in excess of 6-10 per minuteLidocaine; also for couple PVCs or a consecutive series of PVCs that can result in VT

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