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Question Answer
to gulpQuaff
often used in physics as a measure of the smallest amount of something quantum
a traitor, especially one who collaborates with an enemy occupying force for personal gainquisling
having a tendency to complain” or, more directly put, “whiny.”querulous
being quiet and stillquiescent
the minimum needed in order to conduct businessquorum
perfect, ideal example, from the idea the 5th element is what the heavens are made ofquintessence
Boat parking lotQuay
daily" or "ordinary.quotidian
Pear-shaped fruitQuince
Silicon DioxideQuartz

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Question Answer
Religious group that founded PennsylvaniaQuakers
Antarctic area claimed by NorwayQueen Maud Land
Currency of Guatemala, named for a green birdQuetzal
Virginia town home to the FBI crime labQuantico
Chinese beer brewery city once controlled by GermanyQingdao
Feathered serpent god of MesoamericaQuetzalcoatl
China's last dynastyQing
Cheap, semicircular hut built by the US Navy in WWIIQuonset Hut
Philippines President and namesake of metro Manila's biggest cityQuezon
Central religious text of IslamQuran
Australia's largest airlineQantas
a stanza of four lines, especially one having alternate rhymesQuatrain