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Question Answer
most likely to cause extrapyramidal effectsPhenothiazines (antipsychotics)
Chlorpromazine blocks whatDopamininergic non-selectively
MAOI have similar action to what?amphetamines
some antidepressant drug) has significant anti-muscarinic effects which leads to xerostomiaTCAs, lithium salts
what is Prozac?SSRI
Dentist gonna give N20, contraindication severe COPD
Most likely contraindication to use N2OLow emotional instability w/ N2O abuse
First doctor to document general anesthesia case= William Morton
Minimum alveolar conc. of N20100-110%
Genetics of Malignant hyperthermiaa. it is an adverse effect of Antipsychotic drugs b. Treat with Rx: Dantrolene or Bromocriptine (dopamine agonist also used to treat infertility)
commonly inhaled anestheticsfluranes, N2O
MAC definitionpotency of INHALATION agents (Inc MAC =Dec Potency), Defined as the alveolar concentration of anesthetic at which 50% of patients fail to respond to a standard stimulus
Diffusion hypoxia most likely to occur with N2O
Phenothiazine (Antipsychotic) derivatives don’t producegingival enlargement
#1 drug used for manic phase depressiveslithium salts
dissociative anesthesia ketamine
common drug for mental depressionProzac
MifepristoneBOTH Competitive antagonist of progesterone receptors, and use of termination of early pregnancy
Mechanism of action for propylthiouracilinhibits peripheral conversion of T4 to T3, inhibits thyroid peroxidase to inhibit oxidation and coupling of tyrosine resulting in less thyroid hormones production
AnastrazolEstrogen synthesis inhibitor (aromatase inhibitor) tx advanced breast carcinoma in patients who have been unresponsive to tamoxifen
use of synthetic estrogenmenopause, decrease osteoporosis, increase puberty in delayed pre-pubertal girls
Adverse effects of oral contraceptivesall the above (gingival enlargement, gingivaldisease, periodontal attachment loss)
most active metabolite of vitamin Dcalcitriol
MAC correlates well withOil and water partition
Major side effects of antipsychotic agentsTardive Dyskinesia, Malignant Hyperthermia, Cholestatic Jaundice, Blood dyscrasias, Dermatologic reactions, Agranulocytosis (with Clozapine)
Thiazolidinediones lower blood glucose howimprove insulin sensitivity and increase insulin dependent glucose uptake and utilization
treats nocturnal enuresisDesmopressin (posterior pituitary hormone), Imipramine (TCA)