QB Sample 1 Review

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chlordiazepoxide BENZO→ anti anxiety and sedative/hypnotic; used to treat etoh w/d
chlordiazepoxide causes what symptoms?drowsiness and sedation; use caution when driving or operating equipment
Client becomes angry, throws things, hits nurse tech and LPN/LVN, most important for nurse to take what action?inform client that injury or risk of injury to staff is not acceptable
Choose what kind of foods for a pt. diagnosed with GERD?Low acidic, low fat foods. Also avoid carbonated beverages, chocolate, mint
which loop diuretic med is ototoxic?furosemide, esp. when given with other ototoxic drugs
Indomethacin is in what drug class? Adverse effect?NSAID/ototoxicity
cross reactive foods with latexapple, apricot, banana, carrot, celery, cherry, fig, grape, kiwi, melon, nectarine, passion fruit, papaya, peach, pear, pineapple, potato and tomato
scleral bucklingcompresses sclera to repair a detached retina; take precautions to prevent moving eyes rapidly
Client: cervix 5cm dilated and 100% effaced. Fetal head -1. Membranes rupture with clear fluid. How much longer does client have for labor?about 2-3 hours; nurse should encourage client to void q1-2 hours and takes temp q1h
how is rotavirus spread? what type of precautions should be taken in the hospital?fecal-oral route; contact precautions if client is diapered or incontinent
One of main goals with anorexia clients.achieve sense of self-worth and self-acceptance NOT based on appearance; do activities such as art projects to promote socialization and increase self-esteem
What level and does bilirubin need to be at for phototherapy to be considered at what age of infants?total serum bilirubin of >15mg/dl at 72 hours of age
group B streptococcal disease (GBD) causes sepsis; mothers who have vaginal GBD will receive ab has 1 in 4,000 chance of developing sepsis due to GBD

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Interventions for feeding infant with congenital heart disease?feed soon after wakening/well rested; offer small, frequent feeding Q3h; enlarge hole in nipple
How much should calories be increased in an infant with diarrhea?2kcal/oz/day; formulas provide 20kcal/oz
What bacteria causes impetigo?stahpylococcus and streptococcus
If impetigo is untreated, what complications can occur?glomerulonephritis; periorbital edema (indicates poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis
promethazine is in what drug class (rhymes with it)antihistamine
SE of promethazine anorexia, dry mouth and eyes, constipation, ortho hypoTN (client at rf fluid volume deficit d/t vomiting...which exacerbates orthohypoTN
acute epiglottis in childrencan be life threatening, go to ED asap; drooling occurs because of difficulty swallowing (do not inspect throat unless intubation can be performed); child may become apprehensive or anxious
difference b/t apruptio placenta and placenta previaabruption placenta has painful vaginal bleeding, abd tender, painful, tense, possible fetal distress; prepare for immediate delivery. placenta previa: placenta is implanted over cervical are PAINLESS, SUDDEN, profuse bleeding in 3rd trimester
miscarriage usually occurs ? indications?before 20-24 weeks of pregnancy; persistent uterine bleeding and cramp-like pain
Name that electrolyte imbalance: muscle weakness, drowsiness, decreased DTRs, hypotensionhypermagnesemia (>2.3 mEq/L)
anatacids can do what to electrolyte balance? Interventions?increased intake of Mg containing antacids and laxatives cause hyperMG: depressed CNS and cardiac impulse transmission. D/C oral Mg, support ventilation, administer loop diuretics or IV calcium, teach about OTC meds containing Mg
serotonin syndrome with SSRIs, symptoms includeabd pain, fever, sweating, tachy, HTN, delirium, myoclonus, irritability, mood changes....could result in death, notify provider STAT
How many days does it take warfarin to reach peak levels?3-5days, usually gets started 4-5 days prior to dc heparin therapy
major responsibility in 2nd stage of labor for nurse?observe perineum, support infant's head; apply slight pressure to control delivery;