QB 9 Review

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persistent late decelerations rationale behind contacting the health care provider when the nurse sees this?Uteroplacental insufficiency
Cord compression does what to FHT?variable declerations
Fetal distress Can be correlated with fetal tachy, brady, and various decels/FHR patterns
RACErescue/remove; alarm; confine/close; evacuate
Age of client who compares life's accomplishments against goals40 year old; self-questioning occurs, reappraises the past, discards unrealistic goals, potential mid-life crisis
Expected experience from IVP Client may experience hot feeling, flushed skin and nausea
Absent red reflex in newborn's eye indicatesopthalmic ER bc light is not being transmitted to retina and the early suppression of optic nerve function which results from the obstruction of light can cause blindness; notify physician STAT
hep A spread viafecal-oral route
Phalen maneuver back of hands together and bend both wrists at same time; produces paresthesia of median nerve distribution within 60 seconds;
Schamroth method to detect clubbingif diamond shape is not visible when nails are backed up with one another
Correct method of wound care for infected abscess with a Penrose drain in placeclean gloves, removes soiled dressing, changes to sterile gloves and uses sterile dressings to cover wound
Testicular self-exam in shower when muscles are relaxed; 1/month; support testes in palm of one hand and palpate b/t thumb and forefinger
RESOLVEsupport group for infertility
liquid medication enteral feeding via g tube contains sorbitol, can cause diarrhea if client as allergy to it

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ulcerative colitis diet requirements high calorie, high protein, low residue diet: baked fish, cream of potato soup, cooked baby carrots, and tea
Check if fluid is amniotic or urine amniotic fluid is alkaline, urine is acidic
phenytoin/anticonvulsants cause vitamin D and Folate deficiencies
draw up short acting insulin first or intermediate?short first then intermediate (cause it's cloudy)