QB 8 Review

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Initial post op exploratory laparotomy NG tube; NPO; IV meds;
Complications of lymphedema Infection: redness, warmth, pain of affected leg; difficulty getting shoes on; potential to have some neurologic and/or vascular compromise, but not a priority;
How do antacids work (such as aluminum hyrdoxide)?Work by neutralizing gastric acids, increase gastric pH, and inactivate pepsin. Pt. should ingest 1 hour after meals
Electrolyte that aluminum hydroxide has?Sodium, check if pt. is on a sodium restricted diet.
Chronic venous insufficiency assessment findings thick, dark skin on calves; pain in calves when sitting; edema; ulcers (crater like lesions); normal or decreased pulses
Phenylketonuriainfant lacks enzyme necessary to convert phenylalanine to tyrosine so phenylalanine accumulates in tissues and leads to mental retardation
Lofenalacgiven to infants who test positive PKU since it is low in phenylalanine but contains minerals and vitamins required by the infant
How often should a radium implant's position of it's applicator be checked?every 8 hours
MRSA precautionsgloves and gown
5 digit system for gravidity and parity: Example: 411224 pregancies, 1 term delivery, 1 preterm delivery, 2 abortions, 2 living children
Right sided heart failure s/sJVD; weight gain; dependent edema
Trigeminal neuralgia interventions vs. Bell's PalsyBell's palsy is a paralysis whereas trigeminal neuralgia is pain
Open angle glaucoma implementation for teaching plan?return to clinic for tonometer readings: 1-2times/year; normal IOP 10-21mmHg;
Symptoms glaucomacloudy, blurry vision, loss of vision, artificial lights appear to have rainbows or halos around them, decreased peripheral vision, pain, h/a n/v
Sequence of symptoms for appendicitis pain BEFORE n/v, and anorexia. If n/v came before abd pain that usu indicates gastroenteritis
Pt. teaching for internal radiation implantlasts for 1-3 days; BM is avoided to prevent implant from dislodging; STRICT bedrest with HOB no higher than 20 degrees; movement restricted; Foley catheter is inserted into bladder
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome fever, aching, nausea; also can cause thrombocytopenia: observe for hematuria, hematemesis, bleeding gums and melena
Cold stress symptoms infantmottling of skin, acrocyanosis with irregular respirations of 60bpm
cyclobenzaprinemuscle relaxant; treats pain and stiffness caused by muscle spasms
Fluid that promotes sleep before bedtime? How?Milk; stimulates release of serotonin=calming effect
Granular casts found in urinalysisindicates kidney disease
Normal creatinine 0.7-1.4
Cutaneous anthrax precautionsstandard
group A strep infection precautionscontact until 24 hours initiation of effective therapy

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