QB 7 Review

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Diet to promote wound healinghigh in protein, high in calories, high in vitamin C
Carbamazepine interferes with which drugs?Hormonal contraceptives, should use another form of birth control
Important to due what for skin with carbamazepine and hormonal contraceptiveswear sunscreen d/t photosensitivity for carbamazepine and increased pigmentation for hormonal contraceptives
Levothyroxine, empty stomach or with food?30 min prior to bfast to increase absorption and decrease insomnia
Straw with cleft palate repair, how long should it be restricted until child can use it?Do not use suction or place objects in clients mouth such as tongue depressor, thermometer, small spoon or straws; restrict for about 6 weeks.
Teaching for cleft palate repairEat in a sitting position to prevent aspiration; Do not give cookies, toast, or other hard foods so as not to damage newly repaired palate
Pt. teaching ACE Inhibitors such as captopriltake 1 hour before food or 2 hours after; take at same time every day; change positions slowly
Crisis in which IV administration of D5NS and steroid in high doses would occur.Addisonian crisis: increases fluid volume; provides steroids that are not there
Nosebleed interventionsapply direct pressure on nose for 5-10 minutes with head forward; if ineffective may need silver nitrate applicator and Gelfoam
Sign that anorexic client is improving Menstruation occurs as amenorrhea is usually a symptom of anorexic women
General rule of thumb for timeouts1 minute for each year of child's age; use kitchen timer for toddlers so neither child or parent forgets
RanitidineH2 Receptor Blocker; can cause false negative on allergy testings, d/c for 24 hours before allergy skin testing
Complications of thyroidectomyhypocalcemia: assess for tingling around mouth, toes, fingers, muscular twitching; hemorrhage; resp. distress; laryngeal nerve damage; thyroid storm
Insulin does not have to be refrigerated, correct way to handle it?rotate vial b/t both hands for at least one minute to re-suspend modified insulin preparations
Prognosis for antisocial personality disorder clientsdoubtful since they have little motivation for change, move from situation to situation in an opportunistic fashion; experiences problems with authority
Why are diuretics held prior to surgery?avoids hypovolemia and hypokalemia
Triamterene is in which drug class?Diuretics
LPNs scope of practice when it comes to checking pHfalls within their scope

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Foley catheter size for women14-16 French
Foley cath size men; insert how far?16-20 French; insert about 6-7 inches
Foley cath size children8-10 French
paraphimosis retracted foreskin cannot come back to normal position-ER!
Hepatitis immunityonce it has been est. there is no need to reconfirm it
Expected assessment post ileal conduit procedure bleeding from intestinal mucosa; skin slightly irritated; no bowel sounds/peristalsis for several days; pt. NPO and has IV lines and NG tube in place until peristalsis is reestablished
school age child erikson stageindustry vs. inferiority: develops sense of self confidence and uses creative energies to influence the environment. Failure to develop industry results in feelings of inadequacy, mediocrity and self doubt
18m to 3 years erikson stageautonomy vs. shame and doubt: toddler learns self control and how to directly influence env't; failure to develop autonomy results in defiance and negativism
Initiative vs. guilt preschooler: begins to evaluate own behavior and learns limits on influence in env't; negative outcome is person becomes fearful , pessimistic and lacks self confidence
parallel play2 year olds
solitary playinfants; interest centered on own activity but enjoys presence of others
associative playpreschool; no group goals, often follows a leader...playing tag
cooperative playschool age; organized rules, leader/ ball
EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) violationsdo not transfer client prior to stabilizing them to another hospital or facility; do not deny pts for something such as dental pain
Common side effect of lumbar punctureheadache; assess leakage of CSF at puncture site or the presence of a hematoma
appropriate position for trochanter rolllateral aspect of hip to mid thigh

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Best indication of fluid retentiondaily weights
Most effective method of nonprescription birth controlsymptothermal: combines cervical mucus evaluation and basal body temperature evaluation; any time a method of bc is in combo with another it increases rate of effectiveness
Properly inspected chest documentationribs sloping downward with symmetric interspaces and a costal angel within 90 degrees
RSV precautionscontact; parents should be able to stay in room with infant
Dupuytren contracture slow, progressive contracture of palmar fascia causing flexion of 4th and 5th fingers; results from inherited autosomal trait; occurs in most men over 50, Scandinavian or Celtic descent.
Dupuytren contracture is associated with what diseases?diabetes, gout, arthritis, alcoholism, age
sodium polystyrene sulfonateCI with orange juice as the med is used to treat hyperkalemia
anitiinfectives affect on normal flora can eradicate normal flora and cause a superinfection (n/v, diarrhea), reduce amount of vitamin K produces by these bacteria
If 1000mL of urine is drained from a straight catheterization, what should you do?Clamp it as rapid decompression of the bladder can result in bladder wall damage causing hematuria. If >1000mL is in bladder, health care provider should be contacted for further instructions
development of 12 month old infant eats using fingers
infant builds tower of 3-4 cubes developmental ageoccurs between 16-18 months
infant assumes standing position without support occurs at what age?15 months
infant discriminates b/t pictures of objects by what age?24 months