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Herpes zoster shingles
correct sequence of self breast examinations1) Look in mirror, examine breasts.
2) With hands by side, examine breasts
3) With hands on hips, inspect the breasts
4) While lying, use pads of middle 3 fingers to palpate breasts
Chronic kidney disease diet basics: high or low: K, Na, Pro?increased cals, high biological protein, low K, low Na; *beets are high K
Incomplete protein food sources vs. biological protein food sourcesincomplete: pnut butter, nuts, vegetables; Bio: eggs, lean meat, fish, poultry (contain sufficient amount of amino acids
Progress of labor in a primigravidaecervical effacement → descent and dilation; normal progress of labor @ 1-1.2cm per hour for a primigravida
Diet recommendations for diverticulosisNO fried foods, high fats; YES to high fiber to increase bulk
drug CI in ECTalendronate (Fosamax) used to treat osteoporosis, report to physician
Symptoms of shinglesonly one side of dermatones affected (client may complain of one side of face hurting); pain can linger for months (postherpetic neuralgia); lesions cause itching
Approximate appropriate age to begin toilet trainingabout 18-22 months (voluntary control of sphincters achieved at 18-24months)
ranitidine hydrochloride: MOA; used to tx?inhibits action of histamine at receptor site of parietal cells which ↓'s gastric acid secretion ; used for short term duodenal and gastric ulcers
metoclopramide hydrochloride MOA? stimulates motility of upper GI tract
What circumstance is metoclopramide hydrochloride contraindicated?possibility of hemorrhage of GI tract; It is used to treat nausea of chemotherapy
Sucralfate MOAadheres to and protects ulcer surface by forming a barrier; used for short-term treatment of duodenal ulcers
Famotidine MOA. Used for treatment of duodenal ulcersH2 receptor blocker (decreases acid secretion by inhibiting action of histamine at receptor site of parietal cells)
Moro Reflexstartle reflex
normal healing indication of circumcisioncovered in yellow exudate day 3
Umbilical cord indications of infectionstump of cord is moist at base and slightly red; should be dry without redness
LPNs CANNOTadminister IV meds or blood transfusions
potential complication after CABG is cardiac tamponade, symptoms of tamponade?JVD with clear lung sounds; caused by blood accumulating around the heart (from bleeding and nonpatent mediastinal tubes) which compress the myocardium, atria and ventricles

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10 year old boy should get what teaching at this age?proper nutrition because of the threat of obesity; teach importance of body-building nutrients and regular physical activity. Depending on individual physical development of client, sexual maturity may be discussed, but nutrition takes priority
5 Ps of peripheral arterial diseasepallor, pulselessness, paresthesia, pain, paralysis
Daily iron requirements for females ages 12-13; 14-18; pregnant women?12 to 13years need 11mg/day; 14-18yo=15mg/day; pregnancy=30mg/day
Clients with p.a.d. should exercise even if there is pain, why>increases collateral circulation; walk until pain begins, rests, then walk a little farther
Which herb decreases effectiveness in the following drugs: digoxin, nifedipine, simvastatinSt. John's wort
colchicinemed given to treat acute attack of gout
allopurinolinhibits production of uric acid
probenecidprevents reoccurrence of gouty arthritis
indomethacinNSAID; use in caution in clients with peptic ulcer disease
Foods high in Kspinach, salmon; caesar salad
Normal serum albumin3.5-5.5
If serum albumin is low, what symptom should you look out for?Edema, third spacing
Volkmann Contracturetype of compartment syndrome caused by obstruction of arterial blood flow to the forearm and hand; can't straighten fingers, has severe pain, may be signs of diminished circulation
doxorubicin hcl (Adriamycin) SEstomatitis my occur 5-10days after receiving med (use sponge brush, rinse mouth with water after eating/drinking); turns urine red for 1-2 days; alopecia; BONE MARROW SUPPRESSION→report fever, sore throat, signs of infection

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