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Type of precaution used for whooping cough?Droplet
Laryngeal TB PPE precautions?Airborne. Client should be in private room with negative-pressure airflow of at least 6-12 exchanges/hour via HEPA filtration. Staff wears N95 respirator.
Infectious diarrhea PPE precautions used?Contact: possible organisms include c.diff, campylobacter, salmonella, shigella, Yersinia.
Chicken Pox PPE precautions?Airborne until lesions crust over.
Influenza PPE precautions?Droplet
Measles precautions?Airborne
Phenelzine is in what drug class? What type of foods should be avoided in this drug class?MAOIs; avoid tyramine rich foods
Foods rich in tyramine. What class of drugs should be avoided with these?alcohol, organ meat, cheese, yogurt. MAOIs
Name the following defense mechanism: justification for an unreasonable act or idea to make it reasonable. rationalization
Name the following defense mechanism: Saying someone you are angry with dislikes youprojection
Name the following defense mechanism: Yelling at a dog when you are angry with the bossdisplacement
Name the following defense mechanism: Apologizing excessivelyUndoing-an attempt to erase an unacceptable act, thought, feeling or desire.
Name the following defense mechanism: A small person excels in sportsCompensation-an attempt to overcome a real or imagined shortcoming
Name the following defense mechanism: Marrying someone who looks like previous significant otherSubstitution-replacing desired, impractical, or unobtainable object with one that is acceptable or attainable
Name the following defense mechanism: Blaming oneself with angry with anotherIntrojection- form of identification in which there is a symbolic taking into oneself the characteristics of another
Name the following defense mechanism: Inability to remember a traumatic eventRepression- unacceptable thoughts kept from awareness
Name the following defense mechanism: Being excessively kind to a person who is actually dislikedReaction formation- expressing attitude directly opposite to unconscious wish or fear.
Name the following defense mechanism: Bedwetting/baby talk Regression- return to an earlier developmental phase in the face of stress
Name the following defense mechanism: SleepingwalkingDissociation- detachment of painful emotional experience from consciousness
Name the following defense mechanism: Deciding not to deal with something unpleasant until the next daySuppression-consciously putting a disturbing thought or incident out of awareness
Name the following defense mechanism: substituting constructive activity for strong impulses that are not acceptable Sublimation
Correct ways to collect evidentiary specimens in criminal or forensic cases.bullets and such wrapped in gauze and place in cup/envelope
save any gravel, soil, grass, twigs or glass that are on victim or in sheets used for transport
swabs of both dry/moist secretions should be air-dried before placing in appropriate container
victim's clothes go in PAPER bags NOT plastic d/t bacteria on plastic
Why should leg rests be lowered in wheelchair with clients who wear halo vests?the weight of the vest is likely to cause wheelchair to tip backwards
When is it acceptable to turn a client with Buck's traction onto unaffected side?if no fracture is present
Where can pillows be placed under for a client in Buck's traction?Beneath lower legs, not the heels. Do NOT elevation knee gatch.
Care for pt. in Buck's traction?dorsiflex foot of affected leg to assess nerve pressure; perform back care Q2H to prevent pressure sores; elevate foot of client's bed for countertraction

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MAJOR common adverse effect of ethambutol? What is a possible initial sign of this adverse effect?optic neuritis, lessened ability to see green can happen initially; use in caution with renal disease; check visual acuity
Harmless side effects of rifampin. Can you take it with food?discoloration of body fluids: orange urine, tears, saliva. Advise client with contacts to not wear them as they can be permanently stained. Stained clothes can be washed and it should come out. yes, can be taken with food.
Pyranzinamide is used for? Adverse effects?2nd line antituberculotic med; hyperuricemia, anemia, anorexia
Optimal time to reintroduce new foods infants? What food should you try offering first?4-6months; rice cereal bc least likely allergen
Which med is contraindicated with clients diagnosed with heart failure and taking digoxin?Verapimil
Herbal interactions that can potentiate, increase or falsely elevate dig levels?licorice, hawthorn, ginseng, Ma-huang (ephedra)
Average circumference of a neonate ranges?32-36cm; increase in size may indicate hydrocephaly or increased ICP
Med times and flu shot with SLE client taking prednisone?Take at 0900 to mimic normal corticosteroid blood levels; AVOID vaccinations with these clients d/t ↓ ability to mount an inflammatory response
Prednisone can precipitate which electrolyte imbalance?hypokalemia; salt substitutes are OK to have as they are K containing
ethacrynic acid is what type of med?Loop diuretic; encourage client to increase intake of K-rich foods
Appropriate sequence of administration of albuterol and beclomethasone?first albuterol (bronchodilator will open passageways) then beclomethasone can get all the way to the bronchioles
Side effects albuterolh/a, tremors, hyperactivity, tachycardia
Side effects of beclomethasone (steroid med)fungal infections, dry mouth, throat infections
Can cleansing enemas be delegated to NAP?Yes, it is an unchanging, standard procedure. BUT, nurse still has responsibility to assess client for specific considerations such as: need for alternative positioning, comfort and stable VS before procedure.

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Precipitous labor (multipara, small fetus, hx of previous rapid labor) can causeearly postpartum hemorrhage and amniotic fluid embolism
Amptriptyline hydrochloride is in what drug class?Tricyclic antidepressants
Pt. Teaching for amptriptyline (TCAs)wear sunscreen; never adjust dose; can cause ortho hypoTN so sit at edge of bed before arising in morning
Common misconception of hemophiliacsthat they will be bleeding ALL the time
Is it ok to take multivitamins with ciproflaxacin?No, do not take within 6 hours of
Should dairy products be taken with ciproflaxacin?do not take with dairy products alone as it can decrease absorption; can ingest dietary sources of calcium
How long must diaphragm remain in vagina after intercourse?at least 6 hours. Prior to insertion, place 1 tsp spermicidal gel around rim and in the dome
How often should client be rechecked for diaphragm size?annually or after childbirth, or if client has a weight change of more than 15 lbs.

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