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Patient teaching for CVAD care at homeWear bigger shirts; call home health nurse if sterile dressing becomes loose, damp or soiled; good hand hygiene; call if blood is in catheter (infusion may have slowed or stopped); IV therapy should be disposed of as biohazard, not in regular trash
Aminophyline is in what drug class? Can cause what kind of side effects?bronchodilator. Can cause rapid pulse and dysrhythmias (palpitations & nervousness)
Other major toxic effects of aminophylineconfusion, h/a, flushing, tachy, seizure → notify PCP STAT if toxicity symptoms occur
Pt. in DKA (glucose=525), when should dextrose be added to IV infusion?once glucose drops below 250-300
Will client's potassium levels increase or decrease as blood glucose decreases?Will decrease. Could be from rehydration process & increased excretion of K, movement of K from ECF into cells with insulin administration, and restoration of Na/K pump.
HHS what is the glucose, the pH, bicarb and urine ketone levels?blood glucose is >600; pH >7.30 or normal; serum bicarb >18 or normal & ketones are absent to small amounts
Why should a pt. in DKA get an ECG right away?MI could be cause; monitor rhythm bc of K shifts during fluid restoration and insulin administration
How often should glucose be checked in a pt. with DKA?every hour
bumetanide contributes to hyponatremia, why?It is a loop diuretic, so excretion of water and Na
IV fluid of choice for hyponatremia?Lactated Ringer's or 0.9% NaCl. 5% dextrose in water can lead to hyponatremia
To assess an adult for a pulse during CPR, what site should the nurse palpate?medial edge of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck (carotid)
two main kinds of hearing lossconductive , sensorineural (usu caused by prolonged exposure to noise, such as loud music, can't usually be helped with med/surg treatment) and mixed
chlordiazepoxide is what kind of drug? antianxiety
Side effects of chlordiazepoxide (antianxiety)drowsiness & blurred vision is a concern; also constipation, slurred speech, dermatitis, anorexia, polyuria, pancytopenia, thrombocytopenia. Give after meals or with milk to decrease GI irritation
Side effects of MAOI inhibitorsHTN and slurred speech
Proper suctioning for total laryngectomy taught to spousesuction tube then the mouth; have client take several deep breaths to hyperoxygenate prior to catheter insertion; apply suction upon w/d of catheter
Parkinson's symptomstremors, bradykinesia (abnormally slow movement, trouble initiating movement); slurred speech (from weakness of muscles); propulsive gait (teach client to walk erect, watch the horizon & use a wide-based gait)
What may impact pacemaker placement?if client wears a hearing aid on left side as the battery can affect placement, should not be placed under clavicle of this client

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opportunistic infection associated with AIDSP. jiroveci pneumonia; causes progressive hypoxemia & cyanosis
S/S of suspected cocaine abuse?reports of insomnia, rhinorrhea & facial pain (d/t inhalation route) *fatigue/dilated pupils/anorexia can be from any type of substance abuse or other illness
What to be alert for in a patient post TURPelevated temp (infection); bladder spasms (d/t manual irrigation of bladder, usu bc of blood clots); leaking fluid around catheter is concerning; HEMORRHAGE is greatest danger following TURP clots common in 36 hours; irrigation helps keep clots small and passable
Nursing care for debridement of full thickness burnsadminister analgesics 30 min before wound care; give a lot of time for dressing change & emotional support
Hepatitis B immunization scheduleseries of 3 injections: 1st dose infancy, 2nd dose (1-2m after 1st); 3rd dose (3-4 months after 2nd)

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Drug that causes the following common side effects: change in libido, change in weight, dry eyesestrogen
most common SE of albuteroltremors & tachycardia. Don't overmedicate, could increase chances of these SEs
Administration of morphine to moms causes what kind of fetal heart tones?Decreased variability as the CNS depressant crosses placenta
Vagal/Valsalva maneuversice to face; hold breath and bear down; massage carotid artery on only 1 side of neck.
If vagal maneuvers don't work?IV adenosine (antidysrhythmic agent) can be given
Z track method is used for what reason?IM technique for administering meds that are highly irritating to subcutaneous and skin tissues, helps from leaking into those areas
How often does a patient need to go in for vitamin B12 shots?monthly; if not, death will occur in 1-3 years
Diet for CF?high protein, high calories,

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