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What should clients with low back pain try to avoid?Standing for long periods of time. Nurse should ask pt. how many rest periods they get during working hours (esp. if a cashier, etc.)
Symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency Fatigue,constipation, sore tongue, diarrhea, hypotension
Pacifiers and SIDS, risk or no risk?Pacifiers REDUCE risk of SIDS
Why should mothers wait to give formula if they plan to breastfeed?infant will get nutrient-rich colostrum before breastmilk comes in
baby's BM look like what at first? How many wet diapers should babies have per dayblack and sticky; 6
PACU assessment findings requiring nurse to contact health care provider?client is having coarse, crowing respirations; RR 10; client disoriented & has oliguria; client is restless & shouting; client's core temp is 94.8F
Clients that are likely to have elevated T waves (aka hyperkalemia)?client with ETOH cirrhosis/ascites & shallow respirations
client with extensive burns all over
Clients with hypokalemia?Cushings (increased corticosteroids, increased glucose, inc. Na, dec. K; severe vomiting
After giving immunization, when should nurse IMMEDIATELY intervene?2cm swelling at injection site (anaphylaxis can start with this); anxious/rapid breathing; elderly client reports dizziness after standing post injection (hypoTN which occurs with anaphylaxis & shock, should get VS asap)
Where should tongue be depressed when inspecting mouth?slightly off center to avoid eliciting gag reflex;
Correct sequence during cardiac assessment: inspection, palpation, ausculation
What should not be given with ferrous sulfate because it decreases iron absorption?Calcium carbonate. Iron should be taken independently from other foods/meds to ensure it is absorbed.
when can insulin lispro be held?When it is scheduled ac and a client may have to be NPO before a surgery.
Beta blockers should be held if the heart rate is less than how many bpm?55-60 as the med will continue to decrease HR
EARLY signs of lithium toxicity?n/v, diarrhea
SEVERE lithium toxicity signs?ataxia, confusion, seizures
Complications of cardiac catheterization during post op assessment?client has difficulty swallowing ice chips/water (neurologic changes, possible CVA); insertions site is bruised and sore to touch (hematoma formation); client reports feeling "short of air" with RR 24/min (pulmonary embolism)
Dental caries aka nursing caries... what age group at most risk for them?infants who take a bottle of milk to bed each night or juice. If they need a bottle in bed, put water in it.
aspirin toxicity s/s tinnitus, h/a, hyperventilation, agitation, confusion, diarrhea, sweating. Withhold med and contact physician
Client receives epoetin. How much does Hct have to increase by to contact physician for a decrease in dose?if it increase by more than 4 points in 2 weeks
First nursing intervention if a client is experiencing an air embolism from TPN for instance?turn on left side and lower HOB (lateral Trendelenburg) displaces air away from pulmonary artery & into apex of heart
What is the extrusion reflex and when does it disappear?when baby pushes foot to front of mouth, goes away around 3-4m
When does Babinski reflex disappear?1 year old
Signs of heat stroke?hypotension, tachypnea, tachycardia
S/S CVA?hemiplegia, diplopia, dysarthria
PAD intervention for leg pain when walkingwalk until pain begins, rest, then resume walking. Do not use heating pad as decreased sensitivity can result in burns, don't lie down with feet elevated bc it decreases flow to LE. Exercise increases collateral circulation, should be encouraged.
azithromycin macrolides anti-infective that causes diarrhea, nausea, abd pain; notify PCP if diarrhea occurs
pioglitazone and metformin in pregancyCI; should NOT be used when trying to get pregnant
History of what two diseased organs is CI with use of pioglitazone & metformin?liver or kidney
cyclosporine anti-rejection med: therapy is lifelong; serious adverse effect is HTN; blood work will be monitored d/t hepatotoxicity; take at SAME time every day (helps maintain therapeutic blood levels and decrease RF nephrotoxicity
adverse effects of radiationdysphagia (from inflammation of nearby epithelial cells); fatigue; rash from desquamation

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tartrazine has a cross-sensitivity to aspirin
sitagliptin is prescribed to clients with what disease? These clients should limit what in their diet?Type II DM, these clients should be instructed to limit trans fats and increase whole grains, fruits, vegetables
Most common cause of SIADH is ?cancer (lung cancer);
symptoms of hyponatremiaseen in Addison's: muscle cramps, fatigue, hypotension
temporal lobe controlshearing
frontal lobe controls voluntary activity, concentration, motivation, ability to plan & problem solving
occipital lobevisual impairments if brain tumor affects it
brain stem controls autonomic functions

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