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Proteinuria in pregnancy normal to range from 0-trace
etoh EARLY w/d symptomshyper-alert, startles easily, and anorexia
Narcotic w/dwatery eyes, cramps, tremors
Symptoms of w/d from cannabis derivatives insomnia, hyperactivity, decreased appetite
ECT therapy is used to treat severe depression and catatonic conditions after meds have failed to improve conditions
topiramateanticonvulsant: drink 2-3k ml of fluid daily to prevent kidney stones
topiramate may causeortho hypo and blindness; change positions slowly, report ocular sx
contraceptives and topiramateuse non-hormonal contraceptives
do not take a tetracycline within how long before bed1 hour; may cause esophageal irritation; also do not take antacids within 1-3 hours
UV light therapy good for which clientsclients with psoriasis-could respond to therapy;
UV light therapy CI with which disorderscataracts or cat surgery; hx of skin cancer
Bone scan patient educationbe sure to drink lots of fluids in the time bt tracer injection and test bc test takes 1-3 hours this will help maintain hydration and decrease radiation dose to the bladder. Still should void prior to scan to prevent distended bladder
Bone scanpainless; pt lays still, tracer administered via IV
MRSA pt needs xray, in or out of room?arrange for portable bedside xray
dig and furosemide, give pt whatoj, needs K