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Laryngectomy tube suctioning have client take several deep breaths prior to suctioning; suction laryngectomy tube and then the mouth
Immunosuppressed clients positive Mantoux test?5-mm area of induration: these clients are not able to mount as positive of a reaction (5 mm or greater is considered positive)
Positive Mantoux test with induration of 10mm or greater: for which clients is this possiblerecent immigrants (<5 years) from high prevalence countries; injection drug users; residents & employees of high risk congregate settings; mycobacteriology lab personnel; persons with clinical conditions that place them at high risk; childre < 4 yo; infants/kids/adolescents exposed to adults in high risk categories
Successful teaching of clients with hypertension?Switch from lifting weights at the health club to doing aerobics. Do NOT advise hot baths/sauna to relax if client feels tension coming on bc those interventions cause further dilation of blood vessels (client may already be on antihypertensives)
Right sided CVA symptoms (these clients are at HIGH RF injury)often disoriented x3; visual spatial defects; proprioceptive difficulties; impulsive behavior; poor judgment; ↓ attention span; lack of awareness or denial of neurologic deficits
Billroth II: measure to avoid dumping syndromelie down after eating to delay gastric emptying
H&H of pregnant womenbecomes decreased-plasma volume becomes 3x mass of RBCs = physiologic anemia of pregnancy
Urine dipstick positive for ketones in pregnant woman: why is this bad?ketoacidosis is a major factor contributing to intrauterine death with pregnancy
Rimantadine and Zanamivir are CI with?Flu vaccines. Both are antivirals used against influenza, may decrease efficacy of vaccine
Where should portable shield be placed for patients being treated with a radioactive implant for vaginal cancer?On hallway side of client's bed to protect caregivers; do not stand at foot of bed
Appropriate way to deal with dry mouth from fluid restrictions of CKD clients?Suck on hard candy
Meloxicam (NSAID) interferes with ____________ _____________. Which condition should it be used in caution with?platelet aggregation; hemophilia
Risk factors to develop Legionnaires diseaseadvanced age; severe immunosuppression; ESRF; diabetes, smoking, pulm disease
NC to prevent hypotension prior to spinal anesthesia?Ensure client is adequately hydrated
Cardiac rehab program ok to initiate for a client with stage 3 HF?yes; also dig therapy; assess for adverse effects of ACE inhibitor ; low sodium diet and check weight daily