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Activated charcoal should be given within how long of ingested substance?Within 1 hour
multipara woman unilateral, dull abd paincould be ECTOPIC pregnancy
KCL administration must not exceed rate of how many mEq per hour10
Suspected alcohol-related problem, when should nurse further investigate?Sometimes clients are admitted for other physical issues (not r/t etoh) so some signs and symptoms of an alcohol problem (aside from lfts, cirrhosis, platelet counts) include: TREMORS, ↑ TEMP, NOCTURNAL leg cramps and complaints of pain not r.t. admitted problem
Can LPN/LVNs give insulin?They can give ROUTINE insulin to a STABLE client
Recovery period for Guillain-Barreseveral months to a year
Why might a G tube be required for Guillain-Barre treatment?if client can't swallow because of bulbar paralysis
Causes of Guillain-Barrecould be viral (60-70% of cases); autoimmune attack on the peripheral nerve myelin
Treatment for Guillain-BarreIV immunoglobulins to decrease circulating antibody levels and reduce amount of time client is immobilized and ventilator dependent
Plasmapheresis similar to dialysis: done to remove antibodies that may be causing symptoms in disorders like Guillain-Barre.
What should nurse have available during plasmapheresis procedure?warm blankets to prevent or manage chills and hypothermia that may occur during the procedure
What the heck are Crutchfield tongs?used in skeletal traction for c-spine injury
Can back massages be delegated to NAP?Yes, if they are trained and client is willing
Cisplatin is an anti_______ that can cause what toxicities?antineoplastic that is OTOTOXIC; also is hepatotoxic , suppresses bone marrow, causes tremors and confusion
What is it called when a nurse places a catatonic schizo client's hand over his head and it remains in that position?Waxy flexibility: abnormal posturing of catatonic schizo causes sudden loss of animation and a tendency to remain motionless in a stereotyped position
Neurastheniaunexplained chronic fatigue with nervousness, anxiety and irritability
dystonic reactioninvoluntary muscle spasms
Conversion hysteria motor or sensory neurological sx with no identifiable physiological cause
Pentamidine isethionate used to treat which common opportunistic infection in AIDS clientsantiprotozoal medication used to prevent and/or treat pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia
Manis of pneumocystitis jiroveci coughing, fever, dyspnea, fatigue, and weight loss, and crackles heard in lungs. Pentamidine is used to help decrease these symptoms
Juice to avoid when taking cyclosporinegrapefruit; it causes bioavailability of drug to increase by 20-200%!
Quadriceps settingisometric contractions of muscle without moving joint...good for AROM of affected limb in cast
med class that can help for neuropathic pain from phantom limb painanti-seizure meds

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