QB 15 Review

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Question Answer
bananas, oj, potatoes, beans and winter squash are high in potassium
Why would increased thirst be an adverse effect of furosemide therapy?unusual thirst is a sign of evolving dehydration; caused by diuresis
Why should clonidine be avoided after detached retina repair?Because it causes constipation (which should be avoided after repair); also avoid opioids bc they cause constipation too
phenelzine MAOI inhibitor; avoid foods with tyramine (cheeses, wine, beer, avos, smoked meats)
Cabbage and apples are high or low in potassium?Low
beta blockers are a concern with which condition and why?Bronchial asthma, etc. because they can cause bronchospasm
Vitamin C aka ascorbic ACID can help with UTIs by acidifying the urine
NAPs and elastic bandage applications, it is within their scope?No, because circulation can be compromised with elastic bandages and RN needs to assess after application. They CAN apply abdominal binders, but RN is still responsible for assessment of area where binder will be applied and client's comfort level after application
clozapine can causeagranulocytosis and has potential to suppress bone marrow; fatal SE in 1-2% of clients, monitor for signs of fever or sore throat
Complications of halo vest tractionif jaw hurts when client chews 1-2 days after it is applied, could mean that skull pins have slipped onto the thin temporal plate; notify physician immediately
Correct assessment sequence of infantauscultate heart lungs; record HR and RR; palpate/percuss abdomen; examine eyes, ears and mouth and LASTLY elicit Moro reflex
Client who is extremely immunocompromised will have what kind of reaction to a Mantoux test most likely?false-negative because body can't initiate adequate response to skin tests
Hypomagnesemia causes what kind of QT disturbance?prolonged QT
Normal mg levels1.5-2.5
Calcium administered for hyper or hypo Mg?Hyper as it binds to excess mg
Hypomagnesemia, given benzo why?rf seizures
Magaldrate is what kind of med, what elyte imbalance does it cause?antacid, can cause hypermagnesemia
Why would Chvostek's sign be elicited in client with hypomagnesemia?bc of accompanying hypocalcemia