QB 12

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What is wrong with the order of KCl 80 mEq and 100 mL D5W to infuse within 30 minutes?The rate of IV administration should be no faster than 10mEq/h; Need to contact health care provider;
Myasthenia Gravis caused by which NT deficiency?Acetylcholine deficiency; transmission of nerve impulses is limited, resulting in difficulty stimulating or initiating muscular movement; muscle weakness increases with exertion
Myasthenia Gravis expected clinical symptomsdiplopia; ptosis; muscle weakness that improves with rest
Food avoided with CVA client that has hemiplegia and dysphagiapeanut putter bc it is sticky in the mouth and throat
Gentamicin toxicity hearing changes; tinnitus; vertigo...all signify involvement of 8th cranial nerve
Neurogenic bladder nursing careimportant to perform intermittent cath as there could be residual urine causing UTIs
Name that probable condition: child with fever who complains of h/a, malaise, anorexia and an earache when chewingindicates probable mumps; communicability greatest immediately before and after swelling begins
Correct method of pushing clients in wheelchairsback into elevators/automatic doors while pulling wheelchair
Which formula should mother's try first for infants with cow's milk allergy?first try soy based formula, then try pre-digested formulas
Beta blockers should not be used for Clients with COPD admitted with an acute exacerbation bc they block adrenergic receptors that usually caused bronchodilation
Appropriate meds for anaphlyactic shock epi, diphenhydramine, prednisone, albuterol
Med used for Parkinson's that may reduce muscle tremorsdiphenhydramine