QB 11 Review

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Appropriate rate of weight gain for underweight adolescent clientslow, steady weight gain of no more than 2lb/week; rapid wt. gain can put undue stress on heart, which already has diminished output from starvation
Client diagnosed with conversion reaction utilizes which defense mechanism?repression
Conversion reaction/repression means instinctive drives and their accompanying anxiety are repressed and converted into a physical symptom
Displacementredirecting emotion or feelings to a subject that is more acceptable or less threatening
Identificationunconscious process in which one assumes characteristics of an authority or parent figure
Introjectionone symbolically takes characteristics of another
BRCA 1 genetic mutationrelated to breast cancer
risk factor for cancer african american ethnicity; history of smoking
complications/symptoms of cancer facial and neck edema/respiratory infections
s/s that may indicate dementiapoor judgement, memory deficit, irritability
When will you be able to hear the baby's breathing in utero?38 weeks; lungs acquire definitive shape at 12 weeks
When will fetus begin to suck thumb and weigh about 11+ ounces?20 weeks
Disseminated herpes zoster precautionsairborne AND contact precautions
Appropriate care for circumcisionsterile gauze with petroleum jelly
torsion of spermatic cord s/sscrotum appears enlarged and red, can palpate a thickened swollen spermatic cord...very painful; most common cause of testicular loss in young males; surgery untwists and stabilizes the cord; requires immediate intervention by the hcp
inguinal herniascrotum appears enlarged and red; soft mass palpated, nurse unable to insert above the mass
varicocelescrotal mass due to enlarged veins of spermatic cord; may require scrotal support if uncomfortable; major cause of infertility
transiet gynecomastia, how long does it usually last in adolescent boys?occurs in approximately in half of adolescent boys; can be uni or bilateral, usually lasts about 1 year
What is the problem with mothers-to-be owning cats?cats present toxoplasmosis, a risk to pregnant women and her unborn/newborn infant.
Toxoplasmosisparasitic disease transmitted in the feces of cats who have eaten infected mice and animals
Preventative measures for toxoplasmosishandwashing, change litter box daily (takes 1-5 days for the cat's feces to become infectious) by someone other than the pregnant woman, prevent cats from eating raw meat or wild animals, wear gloves when gardening, do not garden in areas frequented by cats, avoid undercooked meat and contact with stray animals
symptoms of meningitisnuchal rigidity and photophobia, place on droplet precautions until diagnosis is confirmed to protect other clients and staff
Common electrolyte imbalances for cushingshypokalemia and dilutional hyponatremia and hyperglycemia

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Client with bulimia nervosa has a hoarse voice that is barely audible, what is the issue with this?client is at high risk for tracheoesophageal fistula from esophageal tear; laryngitis is a danger sign
multiple papulopustular skin eruptions on face, chest and back acne vulgaris
age of infant that starts to eat with their fingers10-12 months
age of infant that brings objects to the mouth 4-6 months
infant sits alone to play7-9 months
infant's grasp reflex is strongbetween 1-3 months, generally disappears after 3 months
How does treatment for Addison's put clients at greater risk for DM?treatment with corticosteroids lead to glucose intolerance, thus predisposing clients to DM
Best fluid to give laboring clients?Lactated Ringers, replaces electrolytes lost in labor process and adds volume to expand the vascular bed to reduce the incidence of hypoTN
Three major risk factors for prostate cancerage, race, employment: most common in men over 50, A.A. more affected than other groups, occupations exposed to carcinogens found in urban areas
Basal body temperature is used to determine if client is ovulatingif client ovulates, there will be a slight drop and then rise in temperature; because of the influence of progesterone, the temperature will be increased during the second half of the cycle
When should epidural procedure begin after fluid bolus20-30 minutes after as the bolus will counteract the potential vasodilation secondary to the insertion of an epidural
What should pregnant women avoidstanding in shower; increases production of milk, causing engorgement, stimulation of breast tissue by pumping of breasts, sucking of infant, running warm water over breasts is avoided