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Osteoporosis risk factor for elderly caucasian womencan't absorb calcium as efficiently; should take regular calcium supplements
Vaccines given at 2 months of agerotavirus; inactivated polio virus; haemophilus influenzae type B; DTaP
MMR vaccine given at 12-14 months and 4-6 years
Varicella vaccine is due at 12-14 months and 4-6 years
Appropriate interventions for fever control for pt. with increased ICPcool sponge bath or hypothermia blanket is preferred over antipyretics as the fever could be due to damage to the hypothalmus (in which antipyretics won't work)
Nursing care for patients with increased ICPspace out care to minimize elevation of ICP
Glomerulonephritis occurs how long after infection of pharynx or group A strep?5-21 days (pt. history may including having impetigo 2 weeks ago); any infection of the skin or throat it shows up 10 days after that
Glomerulonephritis symptomsfever/chills; hematuria; weakness; pallor; generalized and/or facial, periorbital edema; moderate - severe HTN; abdominal/flank pain
Pt. teaching for laryngitis or any inflammation of throatuse paper/pencil to communicate for at least 24 hours or until inflamm. subsides so voice doesn't strain and can heal
transition stage of laborphase 3 of the "1st stage"; cervix 8-10cm; contractions are 45-90 seconds long 1-1.5 minutes apart and strong
Best time of day to schedule appointments with physician for client diagnosed with glaucoma, why?Early in the morning bc IOP tends to be higher, will be a more accurate assessment
Damage from glaucoma due toincreased IOP, causes perm. damage to OPTIC NERVE that is NOT corrected by eyeglass, NOR can be corrected by surgery
What can be prevented with pts with glaucoma?Blindness, lifelong treatment of eyedrops/medications such as prostaglandin agonists, beta adrenergic blockers, cholinergic agonists, carbonic anydrase inhibitors
laser trbeculoplastyfor glaucoma to decrease IOP by improving drainage of fluid
Meds used for acute glomerulonephritis anti-infectives, diuretics, antihypertensives
Imipramine drug classtricyclic
Imipramine drug class and adverse effects sore throat, fever, increased fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea
Bee pollen, gingko, glucosamine may have what effect if taken with antidiabetic medications?may increase blood glucose
basil, bay leaf, chromium, echinacea, garlic, ginseng may have what effect if taken with antidiabetic meds?may decrease blood glucose
Normal serum albumin 3.5-5.5
Precautions for haemophilus influenzae pneumonia standard
precautions for localized herpes zoster standard
precautions for lyme diseasestandard
precautions for influenzadroplet for 7 days or until 24 hours after resolution of fever and respiratory symptoms, whichever is longer; longer for immunocompromised clients
Most reliable signs of infection in elderly?tachypnea (also tachycardia & confusion); >20% of elderly clients with infection may present WITHOUT leukocytosis
When is it appropriate to ask schizoaffective pts about their hallucinations?when they are having command hallucinations; it is important to be sure the voices aren't telling the client to harm themselves or others
Light sensitive IV solutionsnitroprusside, amphotericin B and certain TPN or hyperalimentation solutions (ok to wrap in aluminum foil)
Dopamine is indicated for correction of hemodynamic instability as a result of shock; monitor VS provides most appropriate info. regarding effects of the drug
oseltamivircan be used to prevent flu or lessen severity of symptoms
oseltamivir pt. teachingok to open capsules and mix with flavoring; may cause stomach upset (take with food to decrease adverse effect; take as soon as flu symptoms start; children can take it starting at 1 year old

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