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Lithium reaches therapeutic levels in about how many days?7-10 days
Lethal SE of antipsychotics e.g. haloperidol NMS: fever, rigidity, sweating, autonomic dysfunction (dysrhythmias, fluctuations in BP), confusion, seizures, coma
Nursing care for NMS dc antipsychotics, control hyperthermia,
Drug (muscle relaxant) used for rigidity from NMS dantroline
bromocrptinedopamine receptor antagonist used for CNS toxicity & mild NMS reactions
burns desired diethigh calorie; high PROTEIN. Ex: broiled pork chop (PRO), cream of potato soup (CAL), pudding (CAL)
serious SE of clozapineagranulocytosis: feelings of hot and having a sore throat/flu symptoms reported by pt.
Minor expected SE from therapeutic levels of lithium fine hand tremors, polyuria & polydipsia
Nursing care for BKA elevate limb to minimize edema (no longer than 24 hours bc of hip flexion)
can lay prone for 30 minutes 3x/day to prevent hip flexion; perform AROM to strengthen leg
Crede maneuver. What is it and what does it help prevent?manual pressure to bladder to help empty it fully; prevents RF infection. Perform same times every day
Care plan for positive sweat test (CF)administration of pancreatic enzymes, increased salt in diet
Docusate sodium can cause problems with regular uselaxative dependency, bowel damage, e imbalance.
psyllium hydrophillic mucilloid is what type of laxative?bulk-forming (seen as the safest category of laxatives, even when taken on a routine basis);
How does psyllium hydrophillic mucilloid work? increasing water absorption or retention within stool, increasing bulk and stimulating peristalsis
Mg hydroxide is what type of laxative?saline laxative; hypertonic osmotic pull of water into intestine. Chronic use can alter e balance, cause dehydration & lead to dependence
bisacodylstimulant laxative; irritates nerves on wall of intestines to stimulate peristalsis & evacuation
Compensation an attempt to overcome real or imagined shortcomings
Displacementdisplacing feelings to someone else who is less threatening
Conversionanxiety is repressed & converted into physical symtpoms
Projectionattributing to other one's feelings, impulses, thoughts or wishes. BLAMING or SCAPEGOATING
Body position to relieve pressure on sciatic nerve and affected disk from multiple myelomain bed with HOB 45; hips/knees moderately flexed
2 yo appropriate action when parent is expecting new babymove from crib to bed/change rooms should be done well in advance to get child used to big change
condom catheter: what not to do Do not overlap adhesive strip onto itself, instead spiral to ensure circulation to penis is not impaired. Also, be sure to clip hair at base of penis before applying condom.
APGAR scoringevaluates physical condition of newborn: 2 points for each category: HR, color, muscle tone, resp. effort, and reflex irritability
APGAR is evaluated at what times?1 minute & 5 minutes
Flail chest chest on affected side is pulled inward during inspiration & bulges outward during expiration
fluoxetine is in what drug class? SEs?dry mouth (chew sugarless gum/good oral hygiene); dizziness (sit on edge of bed before rising); use sunscreen; decreases sex drive; do not stop abruptly; if dose is missed take as soon as remember (do not double dose)
anthrax patient precautions standard: spreads via animal hair/hides
duration of warfarin is 2-5 days; if client at risk for repeat CVA they need to be on this
chemotherapy SEn/v (antiemetics); weight loss (offer high protein, nutrient dense diet. Don't choose foods solely for fat content); stomatitis (rinse b4/aft meals); cystitis (encourage fluid intake); fatigue (mod exercise with freq rest periods)
When using hydraulic lift for patients, bed should be?raised so proper body mechanics used during transfer. Also, pt. should be centered in sling, arms crossed over chest to prevent injury
appropriate drug combos for HFFurosemide 40mg IV push BID and KCL 40 mEq PO daily
enalapril 20mg PO daily and bumetanide 2mg PO daily
clopidogrel 75mg PO daily and aspirin 75 mg PO daily
Combination of what two drugs with loop diuretic can cause toxicity?With vanco can cause ototoxicity; with digoxin can cause dig toxicity
Moro reflex is strongest during when? When should it disappear?after 3-4 months
Baby preference for mother plus stranger anxiety around what months?5-6 months, peaks at 7-8 months
Birth weight doubles at how many months?5-6 months
Infant will need support to sit up until how many months? 7-8 months
What can help decrease odor from colostomy?yogurt
what foods can increase odor from colostomy?broccoli, garlic

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early indicator of ICP confusion, change in LOC, restlessness, slowed speech
borderline personality disorder patients needhelp with anger mgmt; limit-setting with clarity & boundaries; often present in a frantic, unstable, irritable, intense, impulsive manner with frequent temper displays
3 days post extracapsular cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation patient educationanything that does not affect IOP is OK: can shampoo hair 1-2days post op with head back; for first SEVERAL weeks light housekeeping is OK; mild itching from stitches is expected (acetaminophen can be used as a mild analgesic, AVOID aspirin d/t blood coagulability
cataract surgery is done on outpatient basis, when do they need to come back to see ophthalmologist? the next morning, again at 1 week & 1 month; appointment times can be adjusted in order for pt. to arrive safely
Correct method of nose blowing to teach toddlersblow with both nostrils open. Blowing with one closed can push foreign material into Eustachian tube or can damage the inner canal
How should qtips be used in toddlersonly on outer ear. if they go into inner ear they can force earwax further in and block canal
Ear solutions should be at what temperature before using?room temp; hot/cold solutions can be painful & cause nausea/vertigo
Mammogramxray of breast, usu shows lesion & determines if malignant
EKG rhythm strip BPM calculationmultiply # of QRS complexes found in 30 large squares by 10
acyclovirantiviral used to treat herpes (virus lays dormant in ganglia-no cure)
given 5 times a day
do not use OTC lotions & creams on lesions as they may delay healing & cause spread of infections
take with food to reduce n/v
TKA post op neuro checks timeevery hour for 12 hours, then every 2-4 hours; incisional bleeding Q4H; pain meds initially will be IV; activity progressed according to PCP orders & pt tolerance
Care for client who has been raped Focus on the here and now immediate needs/concerns, will deal with referring to counseling will occur later
EPS symptoms SEs of olanzapine (antipsychotic)NMS, muscle rigidity, constipation, increased app, tardive dysnkinesia, akathesia, suicide, tachy/hypoTN, sig. wt. gain
Client teaching EPS symptomsreport SI, abn bleeding, sudden muscle pain/weakness & irregular heartbeat
olanzapine pregnancy catC: risk to fetus, CI
most common cause of hypomagnesemiachronic alcohol use, can result in cardiac arrest: increased neuromuscular irritability, tremors, tetany, seizures
absent or restricted movement of affected side pneumothorax
reinforcement techniques are used in order to elicit DTRsisometric contraction of other muscles can increase generalized reflex response/activity of the body (have pt. clench teeth and then retest bicep DTR or have pt. interlace fingers & pull them against each other for patellar DTR); distraction may also be a reason for effectiveness
IM injections: best sites for adult and children?Ventrogluteal for A and vastus lateralis for children
SE of ferrous sulfate?constipation: increase intake of fruits/fibers. Also gastric irritation, nausea, abm cramps, vomit, diarrhea & dark colored stools
colostomy/ileostomy pouches should be emptied when they are how full??1/3 full for colostomy; ileostomy 1/3-1/2 full
hyperactive bowel sounds is how many sounds heard per minute?>30 sounds per minute: indicates increased motility d/t gastroenteritis, diarrhea & laxative use

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