Python vs Ruby

craig's version from 2011-07-05 22:37

Silly Questions

Question Answer
Is it true that python developers often pair-program with actual snakes?yes, and dead jazz guitarists
Is it true that some python developers are cold-blooded ?if vampires can be considered cold-blooded, then yes.
Is it true that rubies are a programmers best friend?yes
Is it true that rails is for zombies?yes, but only tech-savvy hipster zombies

Real Questions

Question Answer
eric: I should be able to inform collaborators at any timeI could see adding an option somewhere to let you do that
eric: just have it be automagicthe downside there is you'd get emails for trivial updates as well as the important ones.
Would it help if I made it stay a couple seconds more before fading?Not really. I think that if a change has been made, I should be able to inform collaborators at any time (or just have it be automagic). The point is, if I miss the notification I have to edit again to notify.
Did you notice how to alert me about your change (something was supposed to pop up to draw attention to it)?yes, it was at the top, but it faded. Once it faded, I didn't see a way to notify you save editing the questions again and causing the notification to pop up. Might be nice to have a persistent flag or something (or just auto-notify?)