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Question Answer
Deep dyspareuniaPID, cysts, endometriosis
Cervical excitationPID, ectopic
Postcoital bleedingEctropion, cervicitis, cervical cancer
Intermenstrual bleedingCervical polyps, cervical cancer, chlamydia, endometrial polyps
HRT risksEndometrial & breast cancer, VTE, IHD
COCP risksIHD, breast & cervical cancer, VTE
Indication for induction41+3, GDM, PET, IUGR
Benefits of inductionDecreased FDIU, CS, shoulder dystocia, PPH
Induction risksFailure, hyperstimulation, cord prolapse, uterine rupture
VBAC contraindicationsClassical/inverted T scar, placenta previa, malpresentation, <18 months
VBAC risksFailure (30%), scar rupture (1:200), may require hysterectomy from bleeding
Breech risk factorsIdiopathic, previous breech, polyhydramnios, twins, uterine obstruction (fibroid, placenta previa)
ECV risksFailure, ROM, abruption, fetal distress
ECV contraindicationsOligohydramnios, APH, twins, nuchal cord
Vaginal breech contraindicationsVBAC, cord presentation, IUGR/macrosomia, footling/kneeling
Asymm IUGR risk factorsPlacental insufficiency, smoking, vilamentous/battledore insertion
Symm IUGR risk factorsChromosomal abnormalities, TORCH infection, HTN, maternal illness
GBS risk factorsPrevious EOGBS, bacteriuria <37 weeks, ROM >24 hours, maternal fever
GDM risk factorsPrevious GDM, BMI >35, age >35, FHx diabetes
GDM complicationsPET, shoulder dystocia, polyhydramnios, UTI
Shoulder dystocia risk factorsPrevious shoulder dystocia, GDM, macrosomia, instrumental delivery
Indications for caesareanMacrosomia, placenta previa, breech, HIV/active herpes
Cord prolapse risk factorsIUGR, breech, high head, polyhydramnios
PET complicationsIUGR, placental abruption, stroke, FDIU
PET risk factorsPrevious PET, GDM, old/young, new partner
PPH risk factorsLong labour, multip, placenta previa, APH
APH causesLocal, abruption, previa, rupture
Abruption risk factorsPrevious abruption, hypertension, trauma, smoking
Placenta previa risk factorsPrevious previa, caesarean section, D&C, increased parity
Variable decelerationCord compression
Late decelerationPlacental insufficiency, do pH sampling
Prolonged decelerationCord prolapse, hyperstimulation, do blood sampling
Low variabilitySleep, acidosis, prematurity, opiates
Oligohydramnios causeLeak, ROM, birth defects, DM, PET
Twin complicationsHyperemesis, GDM, PET, anemia
Smoking complicationsPPROM, abruption, PET, IUGR
Preterm risk factorsAPH, PET, smoking, previous preterm
Kernicterus signsFever, seizures, high pitch cry, poor suck
Fibroid treatmentAblation if <3 cm, myomectomy/hysterectomy if >3 cm
Endometrial thickness4-8 proliferative, 8-14 secrectory, 3 on pill, best day 5-7
Endometrium postmen<8 on HRT, <4 normally
Tranexamic acid SEDiarrhoea & leg cramps
GnRH analogue SEOsteoporosis
EndometriosisGround glass on US, increased CA125
PCOS RxCyproterone acetate, metformin (decreases testost & LH), clomiphene/letrozole day 2-6
LetrozoleAromatase inhibitor
Benign vulval growthsAngiokeratoma (HPV), condyloma, Behcets vasculitis
VINTo SCC in 15%, warty (HPV) in young, keratinised in old
AdenosisBenign, aberrant glands from DES
2' cervical caFrom endometrial or choriocarcinoma
DCIS20%, calcified, excise & radiotherapy
Infiltrating ductal carcinoma80%, excise & radiotherapy
Lobular carcinoma10%, worst prognosis, mastectomy
Ovarian ca2' from bowel/breast, 10% genetic, with deep dyspareunia
Ovarian ca dxRing of fire on doppler, midcycle pain on rupture
Epithelial ovarian caElderly, most common, serous, mucinous, TCC, adenocarc, CA-125, MU16, HE4, CA19-9
Germ cell ovarian caDermoid, chemical peritonitis if burst, Rx chemo, LDH, aFP, BhCG
Sex cord/stromal ovarian caGranulosa, thecoma, fibroma, E2, inhibin, testosterone, Rx hysterectomy
Meigs syndrome Ascites, pleural effusion and benign ovarian tumor (fibroma)
Maternal rubellaRash, fever, cough, conjunctivitis
Fetal rubellaGreggs triad (eyes, PDA, deafness), early transmission, 50%
Fetal varicellaEarly transmission, 1%, scars, limb hypoplasia, chorioretinitis, cortical atrophy, pneumonia
Fetal CMVMost common, 30% transmission, microcephaly, deafness, hydrops, calcification
Fetal parvovirusFifth disease, rash, arthralgia, mycocarditis, hydrops, anemia
Fetal HSVCauses abortion, IUGR, prematurity
HIV transmission10% NVB, 2% caesarean, most via breastfeeding
HAART SEPrematurity & GDM
Fetal hep C5% transmission, NVB okay, breatfeeding okay
Fetal toxoLate transmission, ventriculomegaly, calcific hydrocephalus, retinitis, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly
Fetal syphilisNotched incisors, keratitis, deafness, rash, hepatosplenomegaly, rhinitis
Fetal hep B80% transmission if eAg, 20% if not
Early sepsis<72 hours, Rx penicillin, gentamicin, aciclovir, higher mortality
Late sepsisFrom staph, candida, gram negs, Rx fluclox/vanc, gentamicin, aciclovir, flagyl/clinda
Neonatal pneumonia>17 hours ROM, long labour, chorioamnionitis, consolidation
Mec aspirationPulmonary HTN, pneumothorax, cyanosis
GBSAgalactae, late meningitis, early pneumonia
GBS RxBen pen, cephazolin, clindamycin, induce at term
Patent FOPersistent pulmonary HTN
Patent DAEasily palpable pulses, murmur, breathlessness, Rx indomethacin
TTNFluid in fissures, venous congestion, resolves 48 hours
RDSAir bronchograms, ground glass
Meconium ileusCentral calcifiation
NECFrom E. coli, Rx NG tube
Heroin NASOnset 1-2 days, lasts 2-3 weeks
Methadone NASOnset 3 days, lasts 6 months
EtoH & stimulant NASImmediate, lasts weeks, Rx phenobarbitol
Nicotine effectsPPROM, abruption, previa, prematurity, PIH
KernicterusUpward gaze paralysis, dental dysplasia
HyperpigmentationNeonatal papular melanosis
CaputSubcutaneous, crosses lines
CephalhematomaBetween skull & periosteum, no crossing
SubgalealBetween scalp & periosteum, instrumental
Maternal feverAmpicillin & gentamicin
OHSSRx antiemetics, clexane
DS1 in 400
Tri 181 in 2000
Tri 131 in 5000
NTD1 in 700
DESCauses cervical incompetence, vaginal carcinoma, recurrent miscarriage
Corpus secretesP, E2, inhibin A
HCGPeaks week 10, in serum day 6-8 after fertilisation, urine 8-9
Pregnancy heartSplit S1, S3, AS, left deviation, increased pulse
Cholestasis of pregnancyRx ursodeoxycholic acid
Methotrexate SEAbdo pain, stomatitis, GI upset, conjunctivitis
Fetal size for USCRL >7 mm, mean sac length >2.5 cm
Ectopic RxMethotrexate if <3.5 cm, hCG 1000-5000, 3 months condoms
Miscarriage RxMisoprostol, mifepristone
Molar pregn1 in 700, snow storm, hydropic, Rx methotrexate or surgical, 6 months condoms
Termination contraindications>9 weeks, adrenal failure, long term CS, clotting, allergy, IUD, STI
Surgical termination abxDoxy/azithro & metronidazole (BV & chlamydia)
Previa NVBNeed 2 cm from os
DIC screenINR, APTT, PT, D-dimer, fibrinogen, no caesar
BP >160Delivery within 48 hours
Eclampsia2% mortality, 5% PET
1st dose steroidsLess PDA, respiratory distress
2nd dose steroidsLess IVH, CVD, mortality
Tocolysis contraindicationInfection, PET, abruption, cervix >4 cm, <2.5 kg
TwinsMost MCDA, then DCDA (earliest), lambda/twin peak with DC, T sign with MC
Twin deliveryMC 36-37, DC 37-38
EpiduralL3/4, CSF leak 1 in 200, missed block 1 in 20, contra thrombo, sepsis, AS (hypoTN)
Tachy CTGMaternal fever, infection, premature, sleeping
Brady CTGCord compression, hypothermia
PND10% in first 3 months
MammogenesisDuct & lobe proliferation in follicular, regression in menstrual
Lactogenesis 2Mature milk via lactalbumin & prolactin, low estrogen & progesterone
ContinenceBlock M3 (pelvic), agonise a1 & B3
PCOSHigh testosterone, LH, low FSH, progesterone
HyperemesisGive B6 & doxylamine
CF1 in 25 carriers