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Question Answer
4 listed Indicators of gingival inflammation (gingivitis)the 3 C's (gingival Color, Contour, Consistency) & BOP (Bleeding on Probing)
How is bone loss or attachment loss determined?"Periodontal Attachment Measures" (ex: Clinical Attachment Loss) & Radiographic findings
What instrument is used to measure Clinical Attachment Loss?UNC-15 Periodontal Probe (know the UNC-15)
How many PD readings are taken per tooth?6 (3 Buccal, 3 lingual)
T/F: Correctly taken probing depths are taken by inserting the probe at 3 points on the buccal and lingual of a toothFalse. WALK THE PROBE
The correct way to take probing depths is to ___ ___ ___WALK THE PROBE
Failure to walk the probe when taking probing depths can cause what...undetected period pockets
In order for CAL to be generalized it must be in MORE than ____ % of sitesMORE than 30%
Inflammation extends from the gingiva into the adjacent alveolar bone and ligament. This is called _____Periodontitis
In Periodontitis, Inflammation extends from the gingiva into the adjacent ___ ____ and ______Alveolar Bone & Ligament
Inflammation of the gingival tissue but No bone loss is diagnosed as _____Gingivitis
Is gingivitis reversible or irreversible?REVERSIBLE
When assessing gingival diseases it is important to note whether they are induced by ___Plaque (Plaque-Induced v. Non-Plaque-Induced)
the most objective sign of Gingival InflammationBleeding on Probing
Clinical Attachment Loss is measure from where?CEJ (Cemento-Enamel Junction)
Can you read a perio probe?Yes you can (which is good b/c it may be on the test)
How does smoking affect clinician's ability to detect gingivitis?harder to detect ((reduced vascularity shows less BOP)
what is the Main reason that calculus must be removed?Houses irritating bacteria that cause disease
I know this sounds like a dumb question but... Does Systemic Illness affect periodontal health?Yes (will see again in Susin's)
Systemic Illness will increase ___ & _________ of Periodontal diseaseIncidence; Severity
Systemic Illness negatively affects the _____ of Periodontal recoveryPROGNOSIS
Gingival Inflammation and no bone loss around an implant is correctly diagnosed as ___-___ ____Peri-Implant Mucositis
Example of non-plaque induced Gingival diseasePemphigus (auto-immune, most often seen in women 50+ yo)
Can Periodontal disease be diagnosed from an X-ray?NO
Can Periodontal disease be diagnosed from clinical exam?YES
_____ are used to correlate with clinical exam findings, but not as diagnostic tools on their ownRadiographs
What are the most common sites of Localized Aggressive Periodontitis?1st Molars & Incisors
Extent of periodontal disease refers to what?proportion of sites affected (Localized or Generalized)
So we have a bunch of descriptors of the disease... how do we order these when naming the condition?ESTD (Extent, Severity, Type, Disease)(Localized Moderate Aggressive Periodontitis)
a prediction of the duration, course, and termination of a disease and its response to treatmentPrognosis


Question Answer
patient with adequate bone support has a ___ prognosisgood
Patient with ADEQUATE cooperation has a ___ prognosisgood
patient with less than adequate bone support has a ___ prognosisfair
patient with some tooth mobility has a ___ prognosisfair
patient with a grade 1 furcation has a ____ prognosisfair
patient with ACCEPTABLE patient cooperation has a ____ prognosisfair
patient with moderate bone low has a ____ prognosispoor
patient with tooth mobility has a ____ prognosispoor
patient with grade 2 or 3 furcations has a ___ prognosispoor
patient with areas that are difficult to maintain has a ___ prognosispoor
patient with doubtful cooperation has a ____ prognosispoor
patient with advanced bone loss has a ____ prognosishopeless
patient with non-maintainable areas has a ____ prognosishopeless
patient with advanced tooth mobility has a ____ prognosishopeless
increasing mobility ____ prognosisDowngrades (or worsens)

***Clinical Attachment Loss***

Question Answer
Inflammatory signs and a CAL of 0Gingivitis
No inflammatory signs and a CAL of 0Normal
CAL = 1SLIGHT Periodontitis
CAL = 2SLIGHT Periodontitis
CAL = 3MODERATE Periodontitis
CAL = 4MODERATE Periodontitis
CAL = 5SEVERE Periodontitis
CAL = 6SEVERE Periodontitis
What is the threshold CAL for "periodontitis" diagnosisCAL greater than or equal to 1
What is the threshold for Periodontitis to be generalized?MORE than 30% of sites
So... to be a stickler... for detail... If there is CAL of 4 in exactly 30% of sites in the mouth. What is the diagnosis?Localized Moderate Periodontitis (If it had been 31% it would be generalized)

next level CAL

Question Answer
CAL 1 in 25 % of sitesLocalized Slight Periodontitis
CAL 1 in 40% of sitesGeneralized (>30%) Slight Periodontitis
CAL 2 in 15% of sitesLocalized Slight Periodontitis
CAL 2 in 33% of sitesGeneralized (>30%) Slight Periodontitis
CAL 3 in 22% of sitesLocalized Moderate Periodontitis
CAL 3 in 37% of sitesGeneralized (>30%) Moderate Periodontitis
CAL 4 in 28% of sitesLocalized Moderate Periodontitis
CAL 4 in 42% of sitesGeneralized (>30%) Moderate Periodontitis
CAL 5 in 7% of sitesLocalized Severe Periodontitis
CAL 5 in 33% of sitesGeneralized (>30%) Severe Periodontitis
CAL 6 in 12% of sitesLocalized Severe Periodontitis
CAL 6 in 37% of sitesGeneralize (>30%) Severe Periodontitis


Question Answer
traditional thought on relationships between periodontal health and systemic healthtraditionally thought that systemic DID affect periodontal health. but NOT vice versa
tissue destruction results from inflammation due to what 2 types of molecules?MMP's & Cytokines
2 effects of diabetes on sub gingival environmentchange microflora; & GCF composition
How does uncontrolled diabetes affectTissue homeostasis? (3 ways)Less Collagen production, Less Tissue Repair, & More MMP's
How does diabetes affect Host response? (2 ways)Decrease PMN function, Greater production of cytokines
Pima Indians of the Gila River community are studied commonly bc _____% of the adults have _____50%; Diabetes
T/F: Diabetics have more clinical attachment loss regardless of ageTRUE
What are the 6 complications of uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus?Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, PERIODONTAL disease
T/F: Diabetics are more likely to have periodontitisTrue
What Threshold HbA1C for diabetes diagnosis?6.5% or more
What threshold FPG for diabetes diagnosis?126mg/dL
what threshold plasma glucose for glucose tolerance test?200mg/dL
Best question to understand how well controlled someone isHbA1C
3 P's Symptoms of diabetesPolyurea, Polyphagia, Polydipsia
for every % A1C levels increase... the average plasma glucose must be ____ mg/dL higher30mg/dL
patient with an HbA1C of 8% had an average blood glucose of ____ mg/dL180mg/dL
T/F: Well-Controlled diabetics respond more poorly to perio treatments than non-diabetic patientsFALSE (controlling diabetes makes them good candidates for perio)
Perio treatments reduce HbA1C levels by ____ %0.4%
Obese individuals have _____ higher risk of having periodontitis80%
Does perio treatment help with cholesterol and triglyceride levels?no
danger zone for blood pressure180/110
Perio treatment improves cardiovascular health, this is detectable in drops in what two biomolecules?IL-6 & C-Reactive protein
4 systemic disease states that have interactions with periodontal diseaseCardiovascular disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders
Postmenopausal women are at ___ times greater risk for periodontal disease?2 times
Periodontal disease risk of postmenopausal women can be lowered through what type of therapy?Hormone therapy
Osteoporosis increases the risk of periodontal disease by ____%14%


Question Answer
Puberty's Peak prevalence of gingival involvement occurring ___ to ___ yrs of age9-14yo
Pregnant women and those on oral contraceptives are more susceptible to gingival inflammation due to increased levels of ____Progesterone
A girl who has gingivitis close to menarche and is slow to respond to therapy likely had _____ gingivitisPuberty Gingivitis
Main gingival complications of Diabetes Mellitus is due to “_____ ______ disease”Peripheral Vascular disease
Rare autosomal recessive defect affecting multiple systems of the body, characterized by “abnormal intracellular protein transport”Chédiak-Hiagashi syndrome
Papillon-Lefevre syndrome
Cyclic neutropenia
Question Answer
which genetic disorder is characterized by Leukocytes (PMNs) w/ abnormal megagranules Chédiak-Hiagashi syndrome
Autosomal Recessive disorder involving Cathepsin C genePapillon-Lefevre syndrome
Loss of function of ___ _________ results in altered immune response to infection (Chemotaxis defect due to leukocyte adhesion defect), skin lesions & loss of integrity of sulcular epitheliumCathepsin C
prevalence of Papillon-lefevre syndrome1/250,000 (4 in a million)
Palmar-plantar keratosis is a clinical manifestation of what genetic disorder?Papillon-Lefevre syndrome
Accelerated Periodontitis is associated with what genetic disorder? Papillon-Lefevre syndrome
Genetic disorder where Leukocytes cannot be adequately recruited to sites of infectionLeukocyte Adhesion Disorder Type 1
rare autosomoal dominantly inherited hematologic disorder characterized by periodic/cyclic reduction in the neutrophils every 3 weeks and lasts for 3-6 daysCyclic Neutropenia
Genetic Defect is in gene encoding “neutrophil elastase”Cyclic Neutropenia
Gingival disease characterized by nodular enlargement, ulceration w/ “pseudomembrane”, and periodontitisLigeunous Gingivitis (Plasminogen Activator Deficiency)
Plasminogen Activator Deficiency associated with what gingival diseaseLigeunous Gingivitis
patient with “granulated red, irritated tissue that almost always bleeds on flossing and sometimes sloughs" takes Levothyroxine for HypothyroidismLigeunous Gingivitis
2 Neoplastic causes of gingival inflammationLeukemia, Kaposi sarcoma
Dermal Infiltrate associated with what Neoplastic disease?Leukemia
HHV-8 (herpesvirus) is the cause of what neoplastic disease?Kaposi Sarcoma
Strawberry gingivitis is often the first presentation of what disease?Wegner's Granulomatosis

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