Punctuation Examples

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This page helps you learn about punctuation marks. Good luck!


Punctuation Examples


Question Answer
commaHilary bought apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries and kiwi fruit.
semi-colonDad is going bald; his hair is getting thinner and thinner.
dashJoanne – a young girl of great ability – finished the work quickly.
ellipsisI was thinking … maybe we should call home.
exclamation markThe bus is early today!
parenthesisMost of the guests (apart from Ralph) had a hamburger.
colonThese are my favourite colours: purple, lavender and pink
hyphenThe toddlers enjoyed playing on the merry-go-round.
inverted commasShe spent weeks learning to dance to the song “Gangnam Style”.
question markWhat’s your favourite colour?


More Punctuation Examples


Question Answer
colonThe nightclub played 3 different types of music: rock, electronica and indie.
commaTim is a handsome, smart man.
parenthesisJoe (who had just bought his metal detector) spent all day looking for coins.
question markWhere do you live?
ellipsisI know I saw my keys somewhere …
semi-colonPaula has finished the main course; now she has to prepare the dessert.
exclamation markLook out! The floor is slippery.
hyphenFirst-class decisions require clear-headed thinking.
inverted commasI can’t believe you lied to me about the ending of “The Sixth Sense.”
dashThousands of children – like the young girl in the photo – have been left homeless.


Even More Punctuation Examples


Question Answer
hyphenJohn always like to have the most up-to-date technology.
ellipsisI don’t know … I’m not sure.
commaJenny’s favourite colours are orange, yellow, green and brown.
parenthesisThe bill must be paid within thirty (30) days.
semi-colonSven doesn’t like broccoli; nevertheless he knows it is good for him.
inverted commasShe said “I will never forget you.”
exclamation markYes! I will marry you.
colonYou have two chances: a fat chance and a slim chance
question markWhat is your name?
dashOne thing’s for sure – he doesn’t want to face the truth.


Final Punctuation Examples


Question Answer
commaBilly-Joe, a great singer, was not a great dancer.
semi-colonMum calls it the bathroom; I call it the loo.
question markWhere are you going?
colonHe asked why I hadn’t spoken to him: I hadn’t seen him.
dashSteven might come to the party – you never know.
exclamation markWow! That is fantastic.
hyphenHer son-in-law is called Jackson.
parenthesisIt turns out (gasp!) he had been telling the truth all along.
ellipsisI think … I have the winning ticket.
inverted commas“Remember to bring your lunch tomorrow” he shouted.

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