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What types of loose CT are found in PULP?Collagen 3, GAG's, Proteoglycans, Blood vessels, Lymphatics, Nerves
What types of cells are found in pulp?Odontoblasts, Fibroblasts, Macrophages, UMC's (undiff mesenchymal cells)
What is most common type of lymphocytes in pulp?T Lymphocytes (some B, but T is much more prevalent)
What do DENDRITIC cells do in the presence of caries?present antigens to T lymphocytes, also... proliferate and invade odontoblast area
What are the zones of the pulp from the DEJ inward?Odontoblast-zone, Cell-free zone, Cell-rich zone, Pulp (?)
Where are stem cells (undifferentiated mesenchymal cells) found in the pulp (what zone)?Cell-rich zone
How does the diameter of blood vessels change when in pulp?diameter increases in pulp
What functional benefit does the organization of pulpal vasculature provide?protection from fluctuations in blood pressure
what areas of the pulp have increased branching of blood vessels?coronally (crown) and peripherally (?) increased
Describe the cells surrounding ARTERIO-VENOUS SHUNT in dental PULPBULGING endothelial cells line AV shunts in the pulp
Nerves in the pulp follow what kind of blood vessels?AFFERENT ARTERIES
What cranial nerve is tied to the sensory perception of pulp?Trigeminal (CN5)
Sympathetic pulpal innervation is tied to ...Superior Cervical Ganglion
True or False: Nerve fibers extend into every dentin tubule.FALSE. "SOME nerve fibers run a SHORT distance into SOME dentin tubules." (quote from ppt with same caps)
What is the name of the concentration of nerves just below the odontoblast layer (in "cell free zone")Raschow's Plexus
Raschkow's Plexus (what and where?)nerve plexus just below odontoblast layer in cell-free zone
True or False: Some nerve fibers extend into the outer dentinFalse Nerve fibers extend ONLY a short distance into tubules when they do at all (which is only occasionally)
When does Raschow's Plexus develop?shortly after eruption
Currently accepted theory of tooth painHydrodynamic theory of Pain
Mass of dentin within the pulp, WITH odontoblasts and tubulesTrue Denticle
Mass of dentin within the pulp, WITHOUT odontoblasts or tubulesFalse Denticle

Age-associated Changes (pulp)

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Extensive calcification and deposition of collagen in pulp tissuesDystrophic Calcification
Dystrophic CalcificationCalcification of pulp tissue (collage, blood vessels, etc.)
Age associated effect on the volume of pulp chamberPulp chamber decreases in volume with age (shrinks) from the continued deposition of dentin, even from the pulpal floor (root upward)
Is innervation or sensitivity affected by age?Yes, pulpal nerves degenerate over time and older people experience less sensitivity
What are the Age-associated changes in dentinal tubules?tubules are occluded by calcium and dentin deposition, causing sclerosis and (this leads to less resilience of dentin and greater brittleness of teeth)
What are the Age-associated changes in tensile strength of teeth?teeth lose their tensile strength due to sclerotic deposition in dentin tubules