Pulmonary Drugs

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guaifenesenexpectorant and thin respiratory secretions
guaifenesen suppresses coughs?no; not an opioid
How does N acetylcysteine work?breaks up disulfide bonds in mucus glycoproteins so that it thins mucous
dextromehorphan MOAcough suppressant antitussive; blocks NMDA glutamate receptors
Can dextomethorphan be abused?yes. it's a opioid
pseudoephredrinealpha 1 agonist
phenylephrinealpha 1 agonist
how do pseudophedrine and phenylephrine work?constricts dilated arteries in nasal mucosa
why do we use alpha agonists in nosereduce hyperemia, edema and nasal congestion and open up eustachian tubes
pseudophedrine can be used to makemethamphetamine
bosentantreats pulmonary arterial hypertension
bosentan MOAantagonizes endothelin -1 receptors to decrease pul vascular resistance

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adenosine overdose treatmenttheophylline; blocks adenosine reactions
first line treatment for asthmaalbuterol
when do we use theophyllineas a last resort
theophylline MOAbronchodilation by inhibting phosphodiesterase and increasing cAMP
Why do we use theophylline as a last resortnarrow therapeutic index; cariotoxicity and seizures
albuterol MOArelaxes SM by stimulating beta 2 receptors
adverse effects of salmeterol and formeteroltremor and arrhythmias (has some alpha 1 effects)
long acting beta agonistssalmeterol and formeterol
zileutron5 lipooxygenase pathway inhibtors
omalizumab MOAmonoclonal anti IgE antibody; blocks to unbound serum IgE and prevents binding to Fc
When do we use Omalizumaballergic asthma resistant to inhaled steroids and long acting beta agonists

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montelukast vs zafirlukcastmontelukcast: ok for <2 yrs
best for aspirin induced asthmamontelukast and zafirlukast
montelukast and zafirlukast MOAblcoks leukotriene receptors
ipratropium MOAcauses bronchodilation by blocking muscarinic receptors
When do we use ipratropiumfor COPD
tiotropiumlong acting antimuscarinic for COPD
cromolyn and nedocromilstop mast cell degranulation
When do we use comolyn nedocromilfor allergy induced bronchospasm

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