Public Speaking Ch.5

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Section 1

Question Answer
DemographicsStatistical infromation about the age, race, gender, sexual orientation, educational level an dreligious views of an audience
Audience Analysis The process of examnning infromation about those who are expected to listen to a speech
Common GroundSimilarities between a speaker and audience memebers in attitudes, values, beliefs, or bahviors
RelationshipAn ongoing connection you have with another person
Audience AdaptationThe process of ethically using infromation about an audience in order to adapt ones message so that it is clear and achieves the speking objective
Demographic Audience Analysis Examining demographic infromation about an audience so as to develop a clear and effective message
Situational Audience AnalysisExamination of the time and place of a speech the audience size and the speking occasion inorder to develop a clear and effective message

Section 2

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EthnocentrismThe assumption that ones own cultural perspectives and methods are superior to those of the other cultures
Socioeconomic Status A persons perceived importance and influence based on income, occupation and educational level
Target Audience A specific segment of an audience that you most want to influence
Psychological Audience AnalysisExamining the attitudes, beleiefs, values, and other psychological information about an audience in order to developa clear and effective message
AttitudeAn individuals likes or dislikes
BeliefAn individuals perception of heat is true or false
ValueEnduring concept of good and bad and righth and wrong