Public Speaking Ch.1

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Question Answer
Source The public speaker
EncodeTo translate ideas and images into verbal or nonverbal symbols
CodeA verbal or nonverbal symbol for an idea or image
Message The content of speech and the mode of its delivery
DecodeTo translate verbal or nonverbal symbols into ideas and images
Channels The visual and auditory means by which a message is transmitted from sender to receiver
Receiver A listener or audience member
External NoisePhysical sounds that interfere with communication
Internal NoisePhysiological or psychological interference with commucation
Feedback Verbal and nonverbal response provided by an audience to a speaker
Context The environment or situation in which a speech
Rhetoric The use of the words and symbols to achieve a goal
Declamation The delivery of an already famous speech
ElocutionThe expression or emotion through posture,movement,gesture, facial expression, and voice