Public Health

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Healthstate of complete physical, metal and social well-being and not merely the absence of a disease or informity
1987 Philippine constitution article 2 section 15the government shall protect and promote the right to health of the people and instill health consciousness among
Public HealthThe science and art of preventing disease prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society
Mission of Public HealthFulfilling society’s interest in assuring conditions in which people can be healthy.
Community DevepomentA process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems
Community as a systemAn organized collection of units interacting in various forms in order to accomplish specific function or goal.
Community OrganizingThe process of by which community groups are helped to identify the common problems or goals, mobilize resources and in other ways develop and implement strategies for reaching the goals they collectively have set.

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Role of Public HealthSurveillance of emergence of disease
Role of Public HealthIdentification of diseases among community member
Role of Public HealthInvestigating factors that contribute to the existence of disease
Role of Public HealthEducating the community regarding ways that will prevent them from acquiring disease
Role of Public HealthCreation of strategies that will ensure sustained well-being among the community
Role of Public HealthProvision of health services to address community members who are already having the disease or recuperating from the complications of the disease
Role of Public HealthInstitutionalize lesson learned through policies and structures that will prevent occurrence of similar or other disease
Role of Public HealthMonitoring the health status of the community and providing means that will ensure them of sustaining their health and well-being

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Shamans/ Medicine ManUses Medicinal Herbs/The use of amulets charms or spells that would supposedly ward off evil spirits that would cause the illness.
GeophagyEating of minerals
TrepanationDrilling holes in the skull
Hippocrates Father of Medicine
Hippocrates The Constitution of Man

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The Four HumorsPhlegm
The Four HumorsBlood
The Four HumorsYellow Bile
The Four HumorsBlack Bile

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Yersinia pestisTransmitted through flea bites.
BLACK PLAGUEBubonic Plague
Salerno Medical SchoolWorld’s first medical school
Muhammad ibn Zakariya RaziFather of Pediatrics
Abu Ali al-Husayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina“The Canon of Medicine”
Anton Van LeeweenhoekObserved bacteria and other microorganisms through the crude microscope.
Edward JennerFather of Immunology
Edward JennerDiscovered vaccine against the smallpox virus
Edwin ChadwickSecretary of England’s Poor Law Commission
Dr. John SnowFather of Epidemiology
Florence NightingaleProfessionalization of nurses
Louis Pasteur Challenged the spontaneous regeneration  Fermentation, inoculation of vaccine against rabies  Pasteurization

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John GrauntPioneering analysis of the Bills of Mortality
Qinghao plant/ QuinineTreatment of malaria

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GOBI Strategy by UNICEFGrowth monitoring
GOBI Strategy by UNICEFOral rehydration therapy
GOBI Strategy by UNICEFBreastfeeding
GOBI Strategy by UNICEFImmunization

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GOBI -FFFGrowth monitoring
GOBI -FFFOral rehydration therapy
GOBI -FFFBreastfeeding
GOBI -FFFImmunization
GOBI -FFFFamily planning /Food supplementation /Female literacy

Five Core Elements

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Locussense of place
Sharing common interests & shared perspectives
Joint Action source of community cohesion and identity
Social Ties interpersonal relationships
Diversity larger societal view of community and made reference to differences in interpersonal interaction; “community within a community”


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Human BiologyConsequence of the basic biology of man and the organic make-up of the individual.
EnvironmentThe individual has little or no control.
LifestyleAggregation of decisions by individuals which affect their health and over which they more or less have control.
Health Care OrganizationQuantity, quality, arrangement, nature and relationship of people and resources in the provision of health care.

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PhysicalGeography Environment Community /Size /Industrial Development
SocioculturalTraditions /Norms /Beliefs /Economy /Politics /Income /Livelihood


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Locality DevelopmentProcess-oriented, creating a consensus and sense of cooperation.
Social PlanningTask-oriented, emphasizing rational-empirical problem-solving
Social ActionBoth task- and process-oriented

Step in Organizing

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Step in OrganizingProblem identification
Step in OrganizingInterface with the community
Step in OrganizingPeople organization
Step in OrganizingCommunity profile and assessment
Step in OrganizingGoal-setting and formulation of stretegies
Step in OrganizingImplementation of agreed strategies of solution
Step in OrganizingMonitoring and evaluation
Step in OrganizingSustaining gains, addressing emerging problems