Public Health WK 3 Disease Prevention Part 1

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What are the diseases contributing mostly to death, illness and disability among Americans?(1) Cardiovascular (2) Cancer (3) Diabetes
What do prolonged nature of chronic diseases and illness from those diseases result in?(1) Extended pain and discomfort (2) Decreased quality of life for millions of people
What is the direct problem associated with chronic diseasePain, disconfort and physical limitation that result in diminished quality of life.
According to CDC 2007 report, what is the most , out of five top, causes of death in males in 2004?COPD or CLRD
What is the leading cause of disability among persons Age 15 years or older in US from 1991-1992?Arthritis or Rheumatism


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How many American live with chronic disease?90 millions
Chronic disease account for what % of death in the US?70%
What amount in dollars does hospitalization of pregnancy-related complications occurring before delivery account for every year?$1 billion dollars annually
How is cost effectiveness affected by prevention behaviors and/or strategies?Prevention affects cost effectiveness by (1) saving cost (2) saving life (3) increases human productivity
Is management of chronic disease effective?No, it is not cost effective
National Vital Statistic take home message(1) They are high accurate (2) There is always a delay in release of this report (3) cause of death under each disease is not specified


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According to CDC 2005, .................................. is the golden standard for cost effective interventionsSmoking cessation interventions
What amount of life saved per year does a mammogram every 2 years for women 50-69 years cost?Appx. $9,000 per year
Is it more effective to prevent chronic disease than to manage chronic diseasemore cost effective to prevent chronic disease than to manage chronic disease.
What are the some preventative steps that help to reduce chronic disease intervention?(1) Water fluoridation (2) Smoking cessation (3) mammogram


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What is the most of the top five death of all races in 2004?Suicide
How many Californians suffer from asthma in CGHS 2002 report?2 million
National prevalence of self-reported asthma has increased by what %?74%
What race has the highest hospitalization rate of Asthma in California?Blacks
What race and gender has the highest death rate relating to Asthma in California?Blacks, females


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What class/group of people, per race, in America population has the highest risk of Asthma?Non-white population
What income bracket has the highest risk of Asthma in the US?Low income
What socioeconomic status (SES) is a risk factor for Asthma?Low Socioeconomic (SES) status
What kind of housing conditions impose highest risk of Asthma?Poor-housing conditions
True or False? Crowding and Inadequate ventilation impose high risk factors for Asthma?True
True or False? Low birthweight or premature births DOES NOT impose high risk factors for Asthma?False


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What Race and gender is most likely to die of Breast and Cervical Cancer?African American women
Among the Vietnamese women and white women in America, which one is most likely to have a greater risk of Cervical Cancer and by what proportion? Vietnamese women have the higher rate of Cervical cancer @ a ratio of 5:1
What gender died most, according to CDC 2005 report, from CD?Women and more than half of total death from CD
Which county in the whole US has the highest CD?San Bernardino County
True or False? Heart disease is the leading cause of death from ALL racial and ethnic groups in the USTrue. It is the leading cause of death of ALL RACES and ETHNICITY
In 1998, rates of death is at what percentage higher among AA adults than White adults in the US?30%


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What gender is has more cases of diabetes in US?Females
At what percentage is the prevalence rates among African American in the US?70%
Does Ethnic disparities exist relative to diabetes?Yes
Diabetes is nearly at what % higher among Hispanic than White Americans?100%
According to CDC 2005 report, what Ethnic group has the highest infant and maternal mortality rate?AA, American Indian and Puerto Rican
In 1998, the death rate of infants in US is how many times greater than that of White infants?2.3 times
AA women are how many times likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than are White women?4 times
American Indian and Alaska Native women are how many times likely to die of pregnancy related complications than are White women?2 times
True or false? Ethnic disparities exist relative to diabetesTrue

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