Public Health Week 2 Part 2

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What are the roles of Federal government in PHS(1) they are the largest purchaser of health care (2) Seek to stimulate competition of health care market to lower costs (3) government has difficulty in providing adequate health service for children, elderly and disadvantaged
True or false? Most vaccines are given to babies and young children but some are needed throughout out life for protectionTrue
How is immunity ensured to stay strong and vigilant?Through vaccines
What are the importance of vaccines?(1) Immunity
How does a baby receives immunity?(1) at birth through mother-to-child immunity (2) through vaccination at birth


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Is there any risk involve in vaccine?Yes, but very small risk that is outweighed by the protection they provide
Are there possible side effects of vaccinations?yes, like skin irritation, allergy, fever
What are the reasons for not vaccinating (1)?(1) because of the risk of cancer, some vaccine should not be given to children.
What are the reasons for not vaccinating (2)?because of allergies (e.g. allergy to eggs prevent vaccination with MMR)
What are the reasons for not vaccinating (3)?because there are claims that MMR vaccine is linked to increase in MMR
What is the association between MMR vaccination and Autism?there is no link or correlation between the two.


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Why is Thimerosal controversial in general vaccination?(1) It's an ethylmercury containing preservative (2) it is theorized to cause a neurodevelopmental disordes, including autism, ADHD and speech/language delay
What percentage of Thimerosal could be found in MMR, varicella, and IPV vaccines ?Zero, thimerosal was never found in any vaccine.
True or false? Thimerosal in vaccine does cause health problems in children and adults?False
Which group of population receives vaccine most?Children do receive vaccine most.

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