Public Health Lect. 8 Infectious disease and Public Health Infrastructure

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What are some national public health issues?(1) Cancer (2) CVD (3) Diabetes I and II (4) HTN (5) Obesity (6) Stroke
What are some state public health issues?(1) Cancer (2) Diabetes (3) Disability (4) High Blood Pressure (5) Physical inactivity/Obesity (6) Smoking
Life expectancy is going up, which group have the highest and which group has the lowest?highest for white female and lowest for the black male.
What is trend of of diseases in the state of California?CVD, Diabetes, Obesity/Overweight and smoking/tobacco use
T or F? On national trend, adults w/ disability were less likely to report excellent or very good health.True


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T or F? Second hand smoking is the 2nd leading of cause of death in the US behind active smoking and alcoholFalse, it is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US
T or F? More than 1 in 2 (half) of California adults are overweight or obeseTrue
Total cost of physical inactivity, obesity, and overweight in CA is estimated at --------billion$21.68 billion
T or F? Health disparities among ethnic and racial populations are greater relative to particular diseasesTrue


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3 things about Type II Diabetes (1)(1) Can be controlled or managed thru diet and exercise
3 things about Type II Diabetes (2)(2) Oral medications or Insulin injections are common therapies
3 things about Type II Diabetes (3)(3) Preventable thru nutritious diet and physical activity
For Type I, -------- ------ and -------- meal plan are recommended management strategiesPhysical activity, healthy meal


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Definition of Absenteeism?A measure of ill health; medically certified periods of absence
T or F? Absenteeism have been shown to predict increased rates of all-cause and cause-specific mortalityTrue
Absenteeism cost in ----% of worker's productivity is lost each day the worker is absent?100 %


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Definition of Presenteeism?lost of productivity that occurs when employees come to work but perform below par due to any kind of illness.
T or F? Presenteeism is the new trend in mortality due to work-related illnessTrue
T or F? Presenteeism by those with contagious illness is a workforce problem, as a public health problemTrue
Respiratory infections account for up to ---th of presenteeism cost?5th