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Glenohumeral AbductionInferior Glide
Glenohumeral FlexionPosterior Glide/Palmar Glide
Glenohumeral ExtensionAnterior Glide/Dorsal Glide
Wrist FlexionPalmar Glide
Wrist ExtensionDorsal Glide
Knee FlexionPosterior Glide-Tibia Inferior Glide-Patella
Knee ExtensionAnterior Glide-Tibia Superior Glide-Patella
Ankle Plantar FlexionAnterior Glide
Ankle DorsiflexionPosterior Glide
Ankle EversionMedial Glide
Ankle InversionLateral Glide

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Firm (Stretch)Ankle dorsiflexion, finger extension, hip medial rotation, forearm supination
Hard (Bone to Bone)Elbow extension
Soft (Soft tissue approximation)Elbow and knee flexion

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Firm - AbnormalIncreased tone, tightening of the capsule, ligament shortening
Hard - AbnormalFracture, osteoarthritis, osteophyte formation
Soft - AbnormalEdema, synovitis, ligament instability/tear

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External CatheterApplied over the shaft of the penis and is held in place by a padded strap or adhesive tape
Foley CatheterIndwelling urinary tract catheter that has a balloon attachment at the indwelling end. The balloon which is filled with air or sterile water must be deflated before the catheter cane be removed
Suprapubic CatheterSurgically inserted directly into the patient's bladder. Insertion is performed under general anesthesia

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Arterial LineConsists of a catheter that is inserted into an artery and attached to an electronic monitoring system. Used to measure blood pressure or to obtain blood samples
Central Venous CatheterUsed for measuring in the right atrium or the superior vena cava by means of an indwelling venous catheter and a pressure manometer. Used to evaluate the right ventricular function, right atrial filling pressure, and circulating blood volume
Hickman Catheter (Indwelling right atrial catheter)Inserted through the cephalic or internal jugular vein and threaded into the superior vena cava and right atrium. Used for long term administration of substances into the venous system such as chemotherapeutic agents, total parenteral nutrition, and antibiotics
OximeterPhotoelectric device used to determine the oxygen saturation of blood. Applied to finger or ear and used to access activity tolerance
Swan-Ganz Catheter (Pulmonary artery catheter)Soft, flexible catheter that is inserted through a vein into the pulmonary artery. Used to provide continuous measurements of pulmonary artery pressure

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Airborne PrecautionsRespirator
Droplet PrecautionsGlasses and Mask
Contact PrecautionsGloves and Gown must be worn

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