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Question Answer
Abnormality: Ideal mental health criteriaJahoda
Phobia explanation: Two-process model, acquisition and maintenanceMowrer
Phobia explanation: Little AlbertWatson and Rayner
Phobia explanation (AO3) Generalisation, rock, waterBagby
Phobia explanation (AO3) 20% of people in car accidents have phobiasDi Gallo
Phobia explanation (AO3) Reinforcement can be positive, agoraphobiaRachman
Phobia explanation (AO3) Evolutionary factors ignoredBounton
Phobia explanation (AO3) 'Biological preparedness'Seligman
Phobia treatments (AO3) SD effective at 3 and 33 months, spidersGilroy
Phobia treatments (AO3) Flooding more effective than cognitive therapiesOugrin
Phobia treatments (AO3) Flooding, car travelWolpe
Phobia treatments (AO3) Virtual reality technology can be usedRothbaum
Depression explanation: Information processing, schemas, negative triadBeck
Depression explanation: ABC modelEllis
Depression explanation (AO3) Pregnant women, cognitive vulnerabilityGrazioli and Terry
Depression explanation (AO3) Doesn't tackle all symptoms, Cotard syndromeJarrett
Depression treatments: Cognitive behavioural therapyBeck
Depression treatments: Rational emotive behavioural therapyEllis
Depression treatments (AO3) As effective as drugs (81%)March
Depression treatments (AO3) Can demotivate people to change circumstancesMcCusker
OCD explanation: Patients, 37% shared OCD with parents, 21% with siblingsLewis
OCD explanations: Up to 230 candidate genesTaylor
OCD explanations (AO3) Twin studies (68% MZ, 31% DZ)Nestasdt
OCD explanations (AO3) Half of patients had traumatic experience (DSM)Cromer
OCD treatments (AO3) Double-blind trials, SSRIs 70% effective Soomro

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