Psychology unit 3 - States of consciousness.

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States of consciousness

Question Answer
Define: DaydreamingA state of consciousness wherein attention shifts from external stimuli to internal stimuli.
Define: MeditationAn altered state of consciousness characterized by deep physical and mental relaxation
Define: AnesthesiaWhere drugs are used to reduce consciousness so as to alleviate pain.
Define: HypnosisA technique that induces a highly suggestible altered state of consciousness involving deep relaxation and a sleep like state.

Groupings of consciousness

Question Answer
Define: Controlled processesa set of fully conscious actions that require a high level of attention, alertness and concentration to actively achieve a particular goal
Define: Automatic processesA set of actions that require little conscious effort or awareness and that can be completed while undertaking other activities
Define: Focussed selective attentionFocussing on one or more specific stimuli while ignoring other stimuli
Define: Divided attentionRapidly alternating attention between two or more stimuli
Define: ConsciousnessThe thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions that you are aware of at any given time
Define: Normal waking consciousnessA state of clear organized alertness to internal and external stimuli...