Psychology Unit 1 Test Review

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Question Answer
What is Psychology the study of?Mind and Behavior
Definition of mind? Private inner thoughts
Definition of behavior?Observable actions
Examples of mind Thinking to yourself
Example of behaviorThings we do in the world by ourselves or with others
Who are the Pioneers of psychology?Calkins, Washburn, Sumner, and Prosser
What did Calkins do?First female president of APA
What did Washburn do?First female to be awarded a PH.d in psychology
What did Sumner do?Referred to as the Father of Black Psychology, first African American male to receive PH.d in psychology
What did Prosser do?First African American woman to receive doctoral degree (PH.d)
PsychoanalyticUnconscious, childhood
Humanistic Positive, human nature
Behaviorism Reward, positive
Cognitive psychologyBad memories, mental block
Evolutionary psychologyover-time, adaptive
Sociocultural Interpersonal, how culture reflects psychological process
Biological Genetics, inherited
Definition of scientific methodSet of principles about the appropriate relationship between ideas and evidence
What are the goals of the scientific method?Describe, predict, determine, understand
Describe is a goal of what?Scientific method
Predict is a goal of what?Scientific method
Determine is a goal of what?Scientific method
Understand is a goal of what?Scientific method
Observation is also what kind of research?Descriptive Research
What is descriptive research consist of?Survey, observation, and case studies
What are case studies?One case overtime
What is survey and observation? Many people, systematic objective
Define Correlation Relationship between 2 variables
Define Experimental Cause or effect manipulate or control
Experimental is anything that can... Predict or describe
What is the most important APA guideline?Confidentiality and do no harm
Survey is a form of what kind of research?Descriptive
Case study is a form of what kind of research?Descriptive
Define ValidityThe extent to which a measurement and a property are conceptually related
Define ReliabilityThe tendency for a measure to produce the same measurement every time it is used to measure the same thing
Define powerThe ability of a measure to detect the concrete conditions specified in the operational definition

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