Psychology Test

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Jean Piaget

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Jean PiagetFour cognitive developmental stages
Sensorimotor0-2 years old
Preoperational2-7 years old
Operational8-11 years old
Formal Operations12+ years old
SensorimotorLanguage used for demands.
Coordination of senses; curiosity.
PreoperationalSymbolic thinking.
Imagination and intuition.
Complex abstract thought difficult.
OperationalConcepts applied to more complex situations.
Time, space and quantity understood.
Formal OperationsTheoretical, hypothetical thinking.
Logic; TOK ability to apply concepts to each other.
LimitationsMainly focused on Cognitive Development.

Biosocial Gender Neutrality

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Money and EhrhardtChildren are gender neutral at birth (socialization).
Theory Based Off OfIntersex (individuals who were born with ambiguous genitals)
Born As Women; Raised As MenThought of themselves as boys.
Born As Men; Raised As WomenThought of themselves as girls.
David ReimerLost penis; Dr. Money suggested a sex change (Brenda).
Dr. MoneyUsed the identical twins as a matched control.
Brenda's EmotionsNot happy and she felt different from other girls.
Told The TruthBecame a man again at 15 years old.
SocializationOverrides biological make-up.

Qualitative Research

Question Answer
Qualitative ResearchWay to obtain information.
TechniquesParticipant and nonparticipant observations.
TechniquesContent analysis, written, and visual.
TechniquesCase study.
StrengthsRich data (depth and examples).
StrengthsInvestigate complex and sensitive issues.
LimitationsTime consuming.
LimitationsNo clear strategy for analysis.
LimitationsSubjective interpretation of data.


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PubertyBetween ages 10-20.
ChangesNew body; new schema.
TreatmentPeople begin to treat you differently.
Girls HaveBody image dissatisfaction (BID).
Stice and WhitentonDissatisfaction leads to the depression, over-exercise, eating disorders, steroid use (DOES).
Simmons and BlytheFound that boys adjust to puberty better.