Psychology Test - November 13, 2015

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Question Answer
Social Darwinism"Survival of the fittest," including human issues.
The Eugenics MovementCombined the emerging field of genetics with social science; heredity and good breeding.
HormonesAre chemical messengers that are secreted in the blood.
Pituitary GlandControls hormone production by the other glands. The gland is itself controlled by the brain.
AdrenalineLocated above the kidneys and stimulates heart-rate, dilating blood vessels. Produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations.
EstrogenMain-sex hormone in women, essential to the menstrual cycle.
TestosteroneMain-sex hormone in men, essential to development of sexual characteristics.
Oxycontin"The Love Hormone," released with touches and hugs.
MonozygoticFertilized from one egg that splits into two (mono, same, identical). They are the same sex, identical twins.
DizygoticFertilized from two different eggs. Not necessarily same sex, fraternal twins.
Hutchins & Mednick 1975Criminal behavior is a combination of genetics and environmental factors (CBGE.)
Diathesis Stress ModelRelationship between potential causes of depression, and the degree to which people may be vulnerable to react to those causes.
AggressionAct of hostilities or invasion.
Predatory AggressionRefers to stalking and killing of other species.
Social AggressionUnprovoked aggression that is directed at members of the same species for purposes of establishing dominance.
Defensive AggressionRefers to attacks delivered when an animal is cornered by a threatening aggressor.
Minnesota Twin StudyTwins are either monozygotic or dizygotic.
Studying identical and fraternal twins thus allows us to estimate how genes and environment interact to influence character, strengths, vulnerabilities, and values.